Melody Holt Responds to Rumors of Her Being Martell Holt’s Former Side Chick

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Kimmi Scott defended Maurice Scott amid the backlash.

Maurice Scott received some backlash on social media after the recent episodes of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” His wife Kimmi Scott had to learn about her stepson’s vaping incident from the new cast member, Tiffany Whitlow. When she confronted Maurice about this, he made it clear that there are some things he doesn’t think Kimmi needs to know.

Another controversial moment was when Maurice left Kimmi behind at a restaurant to speak to his ex-wife and her husband. He told Kimmi he had to get to another meeting and he knows she could speak for him. Of course, Kimmi wasn’t happy about this. And she said that she feels like Maurice places her in these types of situations way too much.

Well, Kimmi discussed this during an interview with Bossip. She was asked what was the craziest thing she’s heard about Maurice. And she said, “The craziest thing about Maurice would probably be that I guess he doesn’t care about me. Sometimes when he makes his decisions without me, I don’t think that’s a lack of caring. I think that’s just him always being in control and wanting to be in control. I don’t think he thinks twice about making unilateral decisions.”

She continued, “And so a lot of people put a tag on his head for kind of making unilateral decisions.”

The side chick rumors about Melody Holt were addressed.

Melody said the craziest thing she heard about herself is that she used to be Martell’s side chick when he was in another relationship. And this is false, “Well for me I would say the craziest rumor that I saw, heard about was that I was Martell’s side chick, that he was engaged when I met him. And I was his side chick.” She continued, “That was definitely one of the craziest things for me because actually when I met Martell I had a sorority meeting that night. I’m the kind person that I don’t do all that so I immediately went in and was like, ‘Hey, any of y’all know a Martell Holt? Y’all met him before?'”

She also said she wouldn’t get back together with Martell even if he changed for the better.

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