The ‘P-Valley’ Cast Reveals What Fans Can Expect from Season 2

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

P-Valley is about to get darker.

At the end of season one of P-Valley, Uncle Clifford was grateful that they didn’t have to actually part ways with the Pynk. In an unexpected twist, Autumn Night was able to save the club. But the cost was bloodshed and facing her past. This dark turn did manage to bring Autumn and Mercedes closer. And after a huge blowup with her mother, Mercedes was relieved to know that she does have people in her life who will really be there for her.

Miss Mississippi disappointed Diamond when she chose her abusive baby daddy over him. And Lil Murda made a decision that resulted in him losing a budding romance with Uncle Clifford.

With the Pynk now in Autumn’s hands and Mercedes’ future up in the air, fans have been wondering what to expect in season 2.

Well, the cast is currently filming. But they took some time to tell fans what’s going down in season 2.

Brandee Evans said, “Expect to see more things happening outside of the club.” Dan Johnson said that the show will “get deeper.” Parker Sawyers said that P-Valley will get “darker.” And Nicco Annan said, “I can guarantee you what you think is gonna happen is just the tip.”

Check out the video below.

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