After a Public Blowup, ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Gives An Update About His Daughter

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Cheyenne and Ceaser still aren’t on speaking terms.

Ceaser has denied putting his hands on his daughter Cheyenne after they argued over her not washing the dishes. “Black Ink Crew” fans felt like Ceaser was wrong to not call off things with Suzette after she got into it with Cheyenne on Instagram months ago. But Ceaser said he was having a hard time processing that Cheyenne accused him of beating her.

But he was still hurt when Cheyenne stopped speaking to him. He was hoping they could eventually hash things out and put the situation behind them.

Recently, Ceaser answered some questions on Instagram. And someone asked him how things are between him and Cheyenne nowadays. In response to this, Ceaser wrote, “To be honest, you can’t have a relationship with a person who lied on you and disrespected you…no matter if it’s family or not. ? ”

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