‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: A New Venture Leads to an Unexpected Tragedy

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The war continues.

Marvin is sitting in his car near the gas station Kanan told him they could sell crack at. They have now set up an entire operation, and Marvin watches on as a man rolls through to pay for the drugs. By the time the cash gets back to Marvin, he smiles with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Raq has Lou Lou go to Unique’s associate Worrell’s place to kill him. After Scrappy was attacked and taken to the hospital, it’s officially a war between Unique and Raq. However, Lou Lou isn’t successful. And Worrell runs out of his place before he can be killed.

Symphony makes things right with Raq.

Raq gives Kanan an update on Scrappy. While he’s still alive, he did lose an eye and a kidney. But doctors said he will be okay. Kanan now understands that Scrappy really was loyal and he regrets ever doubting him. They head to a restaurant to meet Davina. It’s Raq’s first time meeting her.

Kanan surprises Raq by having Symphony there. Of course, Raq is still mad at Symphony so she storms out of the restaurant. He follows her and apologizes for not telling her he came to get Kanan after he was arrested. She agrees to forgive him and have dinner with him, Kanan, and Davina.

Davina has some suspicions.

While Kanan is saying goodnight to Davina, she tells him she heard Famous’ song. And he rapped about killing Buck Twenty. Kanan tells her that Famous was just doing what a lot of rappers do and he’s not actually in that life. Davina says this may be true but Kanan is in that life. When Kanan offers to walk her inside the house, Davina declines his offer. And it seems as if she may now be questioning if Kanan had something to do with Buck Twenty’s death.

Lou Lou, Raq, and Marvin meet up at the apartment. They discuss Lou Lou’s failed attempt to take out Worrell. He blames it on the gun, a Tech 9. And he tells his siblings that he heard Unique has a new operation at a gas station. Marvin nervously tells them that’s not what he heard. With things drying up for their crew, Raq is meeting with Juliana’s cousin. He is a possible new connect for them.

Kanan confronts Famous about rapping about Buck Twenty. He apologizes and will try not to mention Kanan’s crimes in his music again.

A new ingredient comes Kanan’s way.

Later on, Kanan meets with a couple of Marvin’s men. He tells them their gas station operation is already a success. When he tells them they need to cut the crack, one of the men says they already did with a product from New York called “Cynda Williams.” It’s supposed to make the crack even better.

Kanan is okay with this and tells them he’s ready to cook the next batch. But the two men are hesitant and would prefer to wait on Marvin’s approval instead. At this moment, Kanan tells them the whole gas station operation was his idea. And he also suggested that they move the drugs in candy bar wrappers. So they are all there because of him. After hearing this, the men agree to start cooking.

Raq gets the location to meet Juliana’s cousin after she stops by the bodega. Juliana tells her she wouldn’t mind if her abusive husband Gabriel died. And she decided to help Raq because they are both women who understand how horrible men are. So Raq tells Juliana to let her know when she wants Gabriel to be dealt with.

Things go wrong with Kanan’s latest batch.

The new batch of crack is done. Kanan got a bit heavy with the Cynda Williams. When he walks outside, Jukebox gets the house key from him so she can change her clothes for Nicole’s ball. When Howard rolls up to talk to Kanan, Kanan slyly passes on a vial of crack to Jukebox as she walks away.

Howard tells Kanan he just wanted to check up on him. And he wants him to ask Raq about who he is.

While Jukebox isn’t around, Nicole goes into her backpack to put a love letter in there for her. She sees the vial of crack and takes it.

Marvin takes Kanan and his men to see that some of the homeless have died smoking his crack. Apparently, the Cynda Williams is actually deadly in large doses. They decided to put out like 20 tester vials and people are dying. Since they can’t get caught by the police or Raq, they have to shut down their gas station operation immediately.

Raq meets up with Juliana’s cousin Joaquin at a boxing match. He’s impressed by Raq and wants to do business with her. Lou Lou receives a compliment from one of Joaquin’s men who tells him that he loves Famous’ song.

Raq has plans for her future.

After Raq and Symphony have an intimate moment, Raq tells Symphony she knows he would be a great father by the way he treats Kanan. She asks him if he would want to have children with her. And he tells her that’s a possibility. For Raq, she doesn’t want to be in the business forever. She plans on passing it down to Lou Lou and just collecting checks. Then she can focus on her own life.

Unique gets nowhere with Lou Lou.

Lou Lou goes to the diner to grab a bite to eat. Unique and Worrell approach him. Unique tells Lou Lou that Raq will lose the war. So Lou Lou should join his crew. But Lou Lou isn’t interested. And he tells Unique he doesn’t work with “b*tch a*s n*ggas.”

Raq walks in on Jukebox dancing in her suit shortly before Nicole’s ball. Jukebox tells her that her date’s name is Nicole. And Raq tells Jukebox that she’s not Marvin. And all she wants is for Jukebox to be happy and always be herself. They hug.

Nicole smokes the tainted crack.

While Nicole is in her room getting ready, her mother screams outside the door that her date Branden is there. Nicole plans on ditching Branden and meeting Jukebox. She plays the cassette Jukebox gave her. It’s a recording of Jukebox singing a song for her. And she takes Kanan’s vial of crack and smokes it. Minutes later, she falls on the floor dead.

Kanan and Raq are watching television. He confirms Howard tried to talk to him again. Raq tells him to never talk to Howard and go the other way when he sees him coming.

Jukebox waits outside the ball venue for Nicole but she never shows up.

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