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Robyn Dixon Has Something to Say About Wendy Osefo Shading Her & Gizelle Bryant’s Divorces

Photo Credit: Bravo

Wendy Osefo has been critical of Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant’s divorces.

Robyn Dixon is feeling some type of way about Wendy Osefo these days. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star didn’t like the fact that Wendy threw some shade at her relationship with Juan Dixon. In fact, Wendy said that neither Robyn nor Gizelle Bryant had relationships to “care about.” And she thinks that is the real reason they ever discussed the cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo on the show.

While speaking to Eddie about the situation, Wendy even said that she doesn’t think that Robyn, Gizelle, or Ashley Darby will ever have a man love them the way Eddie loves her.

And while Wendy was on “Watch What Happens Live,” she also said that she thinks that it’s interesting that those with failed marriages have anything to discuss about her marriage. “It’s always funny when people talk about a marriage but they have not successfully been married.”

Divorce shouldn’t be a clap back according to Robyn Dixon.

Robyn was asked about Wendy’s comment on WWHL during an interview with the Jasmine Brand. She said, “I recently saw that clip and it’s so unfortunate that she chooses to use our divorces or unsuccessful relationships to insult us with. I mean I’m sorry like 50 percent of America or people have gone through difficult relationships. And I really hope her relationship stays perfect because life is hard. Life is not perfect. And so to use that as some sort of insult or a dagger, it’s really not becoming of her.”

She also doesn’t understand why Wendy went there because she’s never said anything negative about her relationship. “And honestly, as far as what I saw in that scene, I didn’t say anything about her relationship. I said…I guess whatever I said was I don’t believe it. So I don’t even understand why she would come at me like that because I never talked down on her relationship.”

But Robyn is convinced that Wendy has now shown her true colors, “It’s unfortunate. I think people play up to the fans. They want to say stuff to be shady and mean. But at the end of the day, we have to move forward and be friends. So when you see friends saying stuff like that, it’s like, wow. You’re showing who you really are.”

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