Candiace Dillard Says She Saved Mia Thornton from Pain by Using the ‘Your Momma’ Clap Back

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The “yo momma” clap back was meant to spare Mia Thornton’s feelings.

Mia Thornton has been very open about her childhood on “Real Housewives of Potomac.” And she revealed that her mother struggled with drugs. She also spent time in prison. So they are reconnecting now and trying to build a solid relationship after so many years.

Well, Candiace Dillard called Mia’s mother low budget after Mia said she felt the “Drive Back” video was low budget. And this is why she had some questions for Miss Dorothy in regards to Chris Bassett managing Candiace’s music career.

Candiace had some more things to say about the situation on Twitter and the After Show.

On Twitter, Candiace wanted to let viewers know that she didn’t know the details about Mia’s mother before she made the insult. She wrote, “Also, I knew nothing of Big Foot’s mama trauma. I wasn’t present for those moments nor did anyone share them with me.”

During the After Show, Candiace said she actually “saved” Mia by just using the “yo momma” clap back during their argument. “There were so many things that I wanted to say. They’re all just bubbling at the tip of my tongue right this moment. But because I was trying to be a better person and trying not to just dig so deep the way that I know that I can, I just said you know what, I’ma just go for something real light. And get off it. So yo momma. Yo momma’s low budget.”

She continued, “It was a quick quip that really I thought was saving her from pain and anguish.”

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