Rasheeda & Kirk Frost’s Children Cause Chaos at the New Pressed Location

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Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have had enough.

On the season finale of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Kirk Frost and Rasheeda are still having problems getting their family to get on the same page. Their children were brought in to help out at the family bistro, but it’s been nothing but drama. Their son Ky’s girlfriend Amina shows up at the new location for Pressed causing trouble. She doesn’t get along with Kirk Jr.’s girlfriend, Ciara. Nor does Amina get along with Kirk’s daughter Kelsie either.

Amina has been throwing jabs at Ciara’s way since Ciara was accused of stealing from the bistro. Things get explosive after Amina goes at it with Ciara and Kelsie. And Kirk Jr. and Ky end up in each other’s faces as the siblings struggle to maintain their own bonds while their significant others can’t seem to get along.

Kirk is now at his breaking point and he can no longer hide his emotions. Rasheeda feels disrespected that the children brought the drama to her new Pressed location.

Check out the preview for the upcoming episode below.

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