Shamari DeVoe & Claudia Jordan Come for Phaedra Parks

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Shamari DeVoe and Claudia Jordan think they can handle Phaedra Parks.

When it comes to shady moments, Shamari DeVoe and Claudia Jordan didn’t hold back during their time on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Claudia had some explosive moments with NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams. So some fans thought it was shady for Claudia to interview the ex-wife of Porsha Williams’ fiancée (Falynn Guobadia), Simon Guobadia. As for Shamari, she clashed with Marlo Hampton. And she recently said that her only issue with her time on RHOA is she believed the edits made it seem like she had a drinking problem when she actually doesn’t.

Both women are reportedly set to be on the upcoming season of “VH1: Couples Retreat.”

Recently, they hung out and had some things to say on Instagram Live. An Instagram user wrote that they should return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and read Phaedra Parks. In response to this, Shamari said, “Trust me, we will read Phaedra.”

Claudia got shady. “Is she still a lawyer? Or a mortician?” And she repeated Cynthia Bailey’s memorable line for Phaedra during a reunion face-off. “Win a case, win a case.”

Shamari DeVoe had something to say about RHOA’s latest struggles.

Claudia had some questions about Phaedra’s success rate as an attorney. “She lost all of Bobby Brown’s cases. Has she ever won a case?”

Shamari went on to say why she believes the recent season of RHOA had complaints. “Y’all are struggling with the RHOA franchise. Guess why? Because you don’t have real authentic b*tches.” Claudia agreed. “And that’s what we are. Now, I’m nobody’s wife but I can play one on TV.”

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