LAMH Recap: Marsau Plays Down His Depression + Martell Wants Full Custody

LAMH Season 3 Episode 12
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Marsau explains his feelings further.

Marsau’s grilling up steaks and Martell sets the table as they finish up their last day in Las Vegas. Everyone else is packing up. LaTisha’s packing up when Kimmi comes in and asks about their trip to the wedding chapel and Marsau’s revelation at dinner. LaTisha opens up to Kimmi about her feelings about her marriage and the shock from Marsau’s comments about his mental health.

Kimmi consoles LaTisha and tells her they have to stick together especially since they’re married to Scotts. She also doesn’t want anyone’s opinions to get in between them. LaTisha agrees and feels this trip was great for her relationship with Kimmi.

Destiny and Tiffany seemingly squash their beef.

Meanwhile, Louis tells Tiffany there may have been tension between them and people on the trip. But interestingly enough, Tiffany and Destiny spoke and set up a spa date in order to get to know one another. They also want their tension to stay in Las Vegas.

As the guys eat the steaks, Martell and Maurice talk about Marsau’s comments about depression. Martell says he can relate. Marsau explains his feelings further, mentioning he constantly feels stressed and feels as if he’s constantly behind on something. Maurice can also relate and says all of their lives are unbalanced. He didn’t realize this wasn’t a normal feeling.

For Melody, she says the Las Vegas trip was a disaster and Martell disturbed her peace.

Melody apologizes to Tiffany.

Once they’re back in Huntsville, Tiffany stops by Melody’s office for a chat. Melody has a bunch of merchandise inspired by an exchange she had on social media with Martell. The line’s called, “God Said Go.” Tiffany wants to check on Melody as she’s recruiting interns for Melody but Melody hasn’t been communicating with Tiffany about it. Melody says she’s been ignoring everyone since the Las Vegas trip and wanted to protect her energy. Speaking of Las Vegas, she apologizes to Tiffany for Destiny’s actions. She tells Tiffany that Destiny’s lashing out because of her divorce.

Tiffany’s taking the high road and tells Melody about that conversation she had with Destiny.

Martell wants full custody.

Later on, Martell takes his son to meet up with Louis and his sons for baseball training. As this goes on, Louis pulls Martell aside to talk. They recap what happened in Las Vegas and Martell says his and Melody’s actions were uncalled for. But, Martell says Melody poked him and Louis tells Martell he’s responsible for his own actions. While empathizing with Martell, Louis hopes Martell can get his anger in check. 

Interestingly enough, Martell tells Louis he doesn’t want babysitters raising his children and he’s going to ask for full-time custody. Martell says it’ll be a sacrifice for him but he will do what’s best for the kids. Louis tells Martell that Melody won’t go for Martell’s request. He also tells Martell to go into the conversation with a very cool head.

Marsau doesn’t want to face his depression.

Kimmi and LaTisha not only left their drama in Vegas, they decided to go out together for dinner. Their husbands join them and Maurice wants to speak further about his brother’s possible depression. However, Marsau is very defensive about the entire thing. He tells everyone at the table he’s overanalyzing it and suspects he’ll get better once his projects are completed. He’s going to deal with the stress “as an adult” while he’s on his “path of greatness.”

Despite talking down the comments, Kimmi, LaTisha, and Maurice are worried. LaTisha asks if she can do anything to help and Marsau asks her to listen more. This frustrates LaTisha and she hopes Marsau would open up more to her about it as she’s his wife. Next, LaTisha feels that Kimmi blamed her for Marsau’s depression. But Kimmi wants Marsau to actually acknowledge and face his emotional state. Despite this, Marsau just wants to ignore it.

At the end of their conversation, Marsau declines Maurice’s invitation to go to therapy together which disappoints everyone at the table.

Martell’s talk with Melody doesn’t go well.

After talking with Louis, Martell invites Melody out for a talk about their children. He plans to take Louis’ advice and be cool regarding their talk. When Melody arrives, both Martell and Melody are calm as they talk. They first talk about what happened in Las Vegas and what triggered their shouting matches. Martell says they know what pushes their buttons but Melody disagrees, which leads to another argument.

Melody angrily tells Martell he disrespected her for years and couldn’t keep his p*nis in their household. Finally, Melody brings up the kids, mentioning she has 10 different babysitters and how 3 different people watched them a week prior.

This conversation remains contentious as they both discuss their previous itineraries regarding when they had the kids, including when Marcus watched the kids while they all were in Atlanta. In her green screen interview, Melody says if Martell wasn’t as controlling and vindictive as he claims she is, he would be the first person to call to have their kids when she’s traveling and working.

At the end of the conversation, Melody angrily tells Martell to file a petition in court. She also says Martell doesn’t have money and she was paying for everything regarding the kids for a year.

The episode ends when Melody tells Martell to follow the judge’s orders or she’ll file the petition herself.

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