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Toya Bush-Harris Feels ‘Married to Medicine’ Newbies Suck up to Dr. Heavenly Kimes Too Much

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Toya Bush-Harris had a lot of drama on the past season.

On the recent season of “Married to Medicine,” the cast welcomed the addition of Anila Sajja. She came in as a friend to Toya Bush-Harris. Anila and her family were building a custom home in Toya’s neighborhood. They also played tennis together and appeared to have gotten very close in a short amount of time. However, their friendship began to decline as the season went on.

Anila said she heard Toya was talking about her behind her back. But Toya said she went straight to Anila and told her she needed to pay her hairdresser and makeup artist. Toya referred both to Anila and she was informed that Anila was taking her time with paying the bills.

So the two friends fell out and Anila formed friendships with Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb. At the reunion, Toya and Anila were able to hash things out. But it’s uncertain if they will be able to keep the peace on the upcoming season.

Toya Bush-Harris wants a certain type of newbie on M2M.

At this point, Toya is beginning to feel like newbies like to come on the show and brownnose Heavenly. Recently, Heavenly discussed the new season with her YouTube subscribers. She confirmed that more newbies have joined the cast after a fan said they would love for her to pick some newbies to be on the show.

Toya responded to this on the Married to Medicine Source fan page. And she wishes she could bring in some new people, too. But she wouldn’t want them to seek favor from Heavenly. She wrote, “Me too…someone that’s not kissing your a*s and starting fights just to be on the show!”

During season 8, Toya not only had tension with Anila. But she had blowups with Quad Webb as well. Quad has now been promoted back to a main cast member.

You can check out the video here.

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