Toya Bush-Harris Feels ‘Married to Medicine’ Newbies Suck up to Dr. Heavenly Kimes Too Much

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It’s been rumored that those who clash with certain M2M stars won’t last.

Married to Medicine” experienced a cast shakeup for season 8. The show’s creator, Mariah Huq, was pushed off the show. And newbie Buffie Purselle decided not to return after an explosive first season and drama with Dr. Jackie Walters. Interestingly enough, Buffie said that there were some issues that happened behind the scenes that she didn’t like. She feels she was ganged up on by the other women because of her budding friendship with Mariah. In her opinion, those who come onto the show and befriend Mariah immediately become targets. She also said that it seems to her that Dr. Heavenly Kimes is a favorite of the producers. So she allegedly gets away with things that others would not. So after Buffie had tension with Jackie, Heavenly interjected. And she believes it was an uphill battle for her on the show since.

Over the years, there have been rumors that going against Heavenly, Jackie, and Quad can cost someone their spot on the show. So it was alleged that some newbies feel the pressure to not rock the boat.

Interestingly enough, Toya Bush-Harris may now agree that newbies will likely join forces with Heavenly to keep them on the show. She expressed this opinion after Heavenly recently opened up about season 9.

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