Claudia Jordan Says Phaedra Parks Went Too Far with Response to Her & Shamari DeVoe

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Phaedra Parks didn’t go easy on Claudia Jordan and Shamari DeVoe.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks is known for not backing away from a shade war when people come for her. Days ago, Claudia Jordan and Shamari DeVoe summoned her. Both women were on Instagram Live together. They formed a friendship while filming “Couples Retreat” for VH1. Shamari read some of the comments from her followers. And one person told her that she and Claudia needed to return to RHOA. And they needed to “read” Phaedra.

Well, in response to the comment, Shamari said that they can read Phaedra. Claudia went on to come for Phaedra’s legal career as Shamari laughed. Claudia said that she doesn’t think Phaedra has ever won a case before. She also questioned if Phaedra is an attorney or a mortician.

Phaedra responded on Instagram. She did so while promoting her new movie. She went on to say that she has been “booked and busy.” And Claudia and Shamari are “begging for work” and “pleading for attention.” Phaedra is thankful for all of her jobs and she’s sober, too.

Apparently, Phaedra’s clap back bothered Claudia. She recently hopped on social media and said Phaedra went too far.

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