RHOP Recap: Candiace & Mia Make Peace + Gizelle Calls Wendy Aggressive As Feud Lingers

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the couples’ trip continues. Gizelle and Robyn decide to book a hotel room because they don’t have a bathroom in their bedroom. When they leave without saying goodbye to Wendy, it only worsens the tension. Robyn tells Askale she’s not sure she likes Wendy anymore. And it’s hard for them to talk things out without it getting confrontational.

Gizelle feels the same way and she tells Wendy she’s being aggressive. And Wendy fires back that Gizelle is a bully and mean girl. So it’s looking as if things won’t be resolved between Wendy and the green-eyed bandits anytime soon.

However, Candiace and Mia are able to hash things out. Candiace breaks down in tears and says Mia calling her music video low budget hurt her feelings. So Mia apologizes. She always wants to be honest but hurting Candiace intentionally is not something she wants to do anymore. As for Candiace, she apologizes for calling Mia’s mother low budget. She didn’t know Mia’s story and she didn’t want to be insensitive about someone else’s trauma.

After Mia and Candiace make peace, Ashley has tension with Gordon on the bus. And this might lead to some issues later between Mia and Ashley.

Here’s a recap for, “Lost at Sea.”

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