Ceaser’s Girlfriend Responds After ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fan is Critical of Them Owning Home Together

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Ceaser’s life has changed a lot.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser opened up about his girlfriend on the recent season. The relationship became very controversial after Ceaser fell out with his daughter Cheyenne. His girlfriend Suzette also got into it with Cheyenne on Instagram and a lot of messy accusations were made. Many fans of the show questioned how Ceaser could stay in a relationship with a woman who had no problem exchanging words with his daughter. But Ceaser said that his daughter reached the point of no return. He also said she lied on him when it comes to the abuse accusations. So there is no way that they can move forward and work on their relationship.

Another controversial point of the relationship was the confirmation that the couple purchased a house together in Atlanta. At the time, they had only been together for several months. Suzette went on to say that she helped Ceaser build up his credit so he could purchase the house. And it was the first house he ever purchased. To a lot of fans, it just seemed as if the couple was moving way too fast. They didn’t feel it was a good idea for an unmarried couple to purchase real estate together when they haven’t been together that long.

Well, Suzette recently had something to say to a fan of the show who once again said that Ceaser buying a house with a woman he isn’t married to wasn’t wise.

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