LAMH Recap: Everyone’s Fed up with Melody & Martell + LaTisha & Kimmi Have More Tension

LAMH Season 3 Episode 14
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LaTisha continues her therapy session.

Back at Dr. Francis’ office, Dr. Francis is digging deep into LaTisha’s feelings about rumors of Marsau cheating. He also continues to dig into LaTisha’s feelings about the marriage.

LaTisha brings up how she changed herself for Marsau in their marriage and is dependent on him. Dr. Francis says it could be a fear of loss from Marsau. He instructs LaTisha to begin valuing herself and not just as a wife.

Martell and Melody complete a co-parenting exercise.

Meanwhile, Martell and Melody spend time together with their four children. Melody tells the kids that they’re having a family meeting and during the meeting, the kids say they want their parents back together. Next, Melody’s told by their oldest daughter she doesn’t want a step-parent. Overall, Martell says things are finally going well as he and Melody aren’t fighting with one another. But overall, the kids really don’t seem to be taking to the divorce well and really want their parents back together.

Next, their son asks if their parents have a secret crush. While Martell says their kids are his secret crushes, their kids bring up that they saw him go into a hotel with another woman. This irritates Martell as he feels the kids shouldn’t know about that. When the kids go off, Martell tells Melody not to tell him about his transgressions. This leads Melody to tell Martell it’s time to introduce the kids to his youngest child and she wants to be there when he does it. Martell tries to compare this situation to Melody and her siblings and says he isn’t sure he wants Melody there. After this, Martell and Melody talk about the 47 acres. He accuses Melody of just having the license and not being involved with building houses.

This sours their conversation and Martell ends their co-parenting session.

Marsau’s fed up with the rumors and isn’t changing his story.

Later on, LaTisha stops by their office and Marsau’s inside. Marsau fired their Uncle Mike from working on Scott Manor. However, Uncle Mike wants another chance. Next, they talk about their foundation’s support of the Destiny 5K Race and potential event sponsors. This includes potentially Destiny and Melody. Next, Latisha brings up her talk with Dr. Francis. This leads LaTisha to bring up how she gave up some of her dreams in their marriage. Marsau then lists all of the things LaTisha is good at and then criticizes Dr. Francis’ criticisms.

Marsau also brings up the rumors of love children and says his story isn’t changing.

The Holts sour the Whitlows first-anniversary party.

The next day, the Whitlows are at the Birmingham Trash Panda’s home stadium. They’re celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary and they invited friends and family to the ballpark to celebrate. The cast shows up and they play a four on four softball tournament. The Scotts are on one team with Martell, Destiny, and the Whitlows on the other team. Louis does his best to get his team to win but the Scotts make it look easy. As the game goes on, Destiny shows up as the game ends.

Afterward, everyone joins the party in one of the ballpark suites. Martell and Melody’s divorce comes up and he says he wanted to divorce Melody and allowed Melody to save face by filing. This angers Melody who says Martell is lying. Melody brings up how she brought up she wanted a divorce years ago when he was cheating multiple times. This whole conversation makes everyone else uncomfortable. Louis and Destiny speak up and call out Martell for what he’s saying. However, in his green screen interview, Martell says he’s a king and acted accordingly.

Louis and Tiffany are fed up.

Things turn uglier when Martell accuses Melody of cheating in their marriage. It’s at this point, Louis and Tiffany stop the argument at their event. Unfortunately, this only lasts for a small moment. Melody and Martell argue over alleged social media posts. Finally, Louis takes the guys away from the ladies as the Whitlows are irritated. Martell’s still frustrated and feels there are too many double standards with Melody.

LaTisha and Marsau return during the aftermath and Marsau makes a beeline to the guys. They all make jokes about Martell ruining the moment. Meanwhile, LaTisha brings up how Kimmi and Tiffany didn’t respond to her text about the Destiny Race invitation. Kimmi didn’t like being put into a text group with Melody and Destiny asking to sponsor the event. Melody seemingly sticks up for LaTisha.

Despite the disagreement, Kimmi and LaTisha try to talk out their differences, yet it doesn’t seem to go well. Melody says that she isn’t sure if Kimmi or LaTisha will ever get on the same page. However, LaTisha says she’s doesn’t want to talk about this topic anymore.

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