Shay Johnson Continues to Come for Amara La Negra + Amara Responds to Messy Accusations

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Amara La Negra’s relationship with Emjay Johnson was full of drama.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra had a controversial romance with Shay Johnson’s brother. In fact, she began to have issues with the relationship because she was the breadwinner. And she felt like she didn’t really have any help from the man she was in a relationship with. Eventually, one of Emjay’s exes got in touch with Amara. They had a conversation about Emjay. And the ex said that she was the breadwinner when she was in a relationship with Emjay years ago. She wanted Amara to know that it never got any better. So that is one of the reasons why she had to move on from the relationship.

Although Amara was also close to Shay at the time, she made the choice to end her relationship with Emjay. Emjay still hoped that they would end up back together. But Shay got annoyed and told him to move on with his life.

Interestingly enough, Emjay did a recent interview about how things ended with Amara. And he claimed that he introduced her to the man she dated after him. He feels betrayed because the man was a friend who he met through his older brother.

Shay has been taking shots at Amara on social media since everything went down. And recently, Amara responded to the accusations that were made.

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