Martell Holt’s Mother Makes a Messy Revelation & Clashes with Destiny Payton-Williams

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Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s divorce has been full of drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt continue to have controversial moments on the show after their divorce. In fact, these blowups sometimes make the others uncomfortable. They have argued about who actually wanted the divorce first. As well as who has more of the blame when it comes to the demise of their marriage. For Melody, Martell’s inability to be faithful is what hurt their family. However, Martell feels Melody should have been doing more for him in the bedroom. And since they can’t both agree on who is the most at fault, co-parenting has been a mess. At times, their mothers have even gotten pulled into their issues.

On the upcoming episode, Martell vents to his mother about the tension with Melody. He explains that he didn’t like the fact that their children knew about her “Tell Tale Signs” song. Martell is convinced that the song is about him. So he was triggered when the children were singing the lyrics. He has blamed Melody for them learning about the song. They have even argued about this.

Interestingly enough, Martell’s mother, Miss Marlene makes an interesting revelation. And it seems as if she’s the one who told the children that the song was about Martell.

Miss Marlene also has a heated moment with Destiny Payton-Williams after she’s accused of being passive-aggressive towards Melody.

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