LAMH Recap: Martell Confronts Melody While She’s on a Date With Another Man

LAMH Season 3 Episode 16
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A Comeback Group meeting turns ugly as Melody and Martell argue again.

Melody’s at her office when the cast comes by for a talk. Kimmi and LaTisha wanted to have a conversation about The Comeback Group. However, despite hosting, Melody has zero interest in reviving and rejoining the group. Marsau stops by first and he and Melody talk about the commotion between the parents during the 5K race. Both Marsau and Melody felt Wanda was out of line. However, Melody questions Marsau’s motives as he was spreading rumors about her mom having a s*x tape last season.

Later on, LaTisha, Kimmi, and Maurice walk in followed by Martell.

Kimmi wanted to bring everyone together to tie up loose ends regarding the group. She brings up Melody wanting to dissolve the group in 2019. Melody then gets up when Martell brings up the kids are in her office. Meanwhile, everyone else tries to figure out how to keep things together without dysfunction. When Melody returns, she emphasizes that she won’t be a part of it.

Suddenly, this conversation turns to an argument regarding Martell meeting with Chris Fletcher regarding building on the 47 acres with Marsau. Melody refutes Martell’s claims she was the source of the conflict within the Comeback Group. Eventually, Melody brings up continuing to do what she said she’s going to do back in 2019; leave the Comeback Group. Martell replies, saying “neglect the kids,” then walks away from the meeting mouthing under his breath about filing for custody.

The Holts’ oldest child cries.

Melody then asks them why they want to keep doing business with Martell as the Scotts are shocked the meeting went the way it did. Suddenly, Martell calls Melody because Mariah is crying. It’s at this point everyone realizes the meeting is over. In his interview, Martell brings up that Mariah brought up to him that the office used to be “mommy and daddy’s.” She probably overheard her parents arguing once again.

Marsau and Maurice are outside next telling Martell to cut out the arguing before it permanently hurts the kids.

The next day, the Scott brothers start their evening playing tennis. During their games, they discuss the chaos that was their latest Comeback Group meeting. Marsau declares he’ll never do business with Martell again if he can’t stop the arguing with Melody. He’s not going to hang his professional hopes on a goal that he will stop.

Next, Maurice brings up his session with Dr. Francis. Maurice appreciated Dr. Francis’ guidance, however, Marsau is still not interested in speaking with the therapist. In fact, Marsau brings up he doesn’t feel like he needs therapy and that he sees the “light at the end of the tunnel.” Despite Marsau’s explanation, Maurice’s still worried.

Kimmi, LaTisha, and Melody have a sit-down.

In the morning, Kimmi calls over LaTisha and Melody over to her office for a little girl talk. Kimmi opens up the wine and LaTisha asks about what happened during their Comeback Group meeting. Melody says she doesn’t start the drama. Kimmi asked about Mariah and Melody blames it on Martell’s energy.

Kimmi asks how she can help when these arguments with Martell come up. Melody says not to have her and Martell in the same room anymore until he grows up.

Next, Kimmi and LaTisha talk about their latest issue concerning the text invite to the Destiny 5K. Kimmi says it was blown out of proportion because of their latest tension between them. Both of them explained their sides of the situation. Kimmi brings up that Maurice was supposed to donate and she didn’t know he didn’t do it. LaTisha feels frustrated during the conversation. However, LaTisha is still willing to move forward for the sake of their friendship.

Martell allegedly took things too far when he sees Melody out with another man.

Martell stops by a job site where his partner Fred is managing. The current build has been slowed due to Covid. They’re waiting for the inspection to be completed so they can apply insulation. Outside the house, Fred asks how the studying is going for the license. Martell says he hasn’t been studying and Fred says he needs to focus. However, Martell says the builder’s license isn’t a priority.

Melody calls Martell because she needs to talk ASAP. She asks to stop by the site and Martell agrees. Fred jokes that they don’t need the neighbors to know their names. Eventually, Melody stops by and wants to talk about what happened at Bridge Street. Apparently, Martell learned Melody was out with another man at a restaurant while he’s at an apparent business meeting. Martell says he’d rather confront her in person instead of on social media.

Things get tenser when Melody brings up Martell telling her they’re going to get married again. Martell responds in kind showing her a photo of her date at the restaurant. The conversation devolves into Melody shouting at Martell.

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