RHOP Recap: Wendy Presses Gizelle, Robyn Snaps + Andy Says Fans Want Candiace Fired

rhop season 6 episode 18
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Candiace doesn’t think Mia has been honest.

The group discusses their first impressions of Mia. Candiace said she actually loved Mia at first but they, unfortunately, clashed towards the end. And she feels Mia lied about a lot of things including the work she had done on her v*gina. Wendy questions why Mia did all of that if her favorite position is “missionary.” But Mia feels she shouldn’t have to explain her choices and she’s confused by Wendy’s interest.

Mia is asked if she was an escort or a dancer since her husband paid $10,000 to speak to her for two hours when they first met. Gordon helped build the VIP area at the club she worked at. And it was his dedication to charitable causes that made her fall for him.

They discuss her mother. She’s on better terms with her and her mother said she will pray for Candiace because she needs help. And Candiace says she “doesn’t need those prayers” from “that.”

Wendy and Gizelle have more tension.

Gizelle is asked about the mystery man she was dating. She says he was a commentator but she won’t reveal who he is. Wendy says she knows a commentator who said he used to date Gizelle but she’s not sure this is the man Gizelle is referring to. Gizelle then says he doesn’t know Wendy. Van Jones comes up and Wendy says Van wouldn’t date Gizelle because he only likes women who have integrity.

They also discuss Gizelle’s house. Andy asks if it’s “cohesive.” And Robyn and Gizelle say it’s now coming together since filming the podcast announcement.

Gizelle is asked about her latest breakup with Jamal.

Jamal is discussed. Andy asks when they broke up and Gizelle says earlier in the year and a couple months after the holidays. Wendy says the timeline doesn’t make sense because Jamal made a video in December saying he wasn’t in a relationship. But Gizelle says that isn’t what he said. And what he said was he wasn’t married. When it comes to Monique’s binder, Gizelle says that wasn’t “new information.” They already discussed it. And Karen thinks Gizelle gave her consent to be the other woman this time around. But Gizelle says they were figuring things out at the time.

A viewer writes in that Gizelle doesn’t like to open up about her personal life. Gizelle disagrees and Candiace says that she doesn’t share as much as everyone else does. Wendy goes on to say that Gizelle would break down if she was more transparent. And Gizelle says that Wendy doesn’t even know her to speak on this.

Robyn has had enough of Wendy’s comments.

Andy asks Gizelle if she cried when she found out Jamal cheated on her years ago. She says she didn’t but she did get emotional when they divorced. She isn’t much of a crier. And since Jamal cheated on her multiple times, she didn’t feel the need to keep crying. Robyn interjects that just because Gizelle doesn’t react the way that people want her to doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings. And Wendy should chill out and stop interjecting every time Gizelle speaks. As for Karen, she doesn’t like the fact that Gizelle went back to Jamal because she can do better.

When it comes to her daughters, Gizelle felt she had to be stoic to get through the difficult time. And Andy understands this is a defense mechanism.

It’s about revenge for Karen.

A fan writes in and questions why Karen shames Gizelle for being single because a man doesn’t define a woman. Karen says she was just getting even due to all the things Gizelle has said to her over the years, especially since Ray’s tax debt was something Gizelle made fun of. It comes up that Jamal owes unpaid taxes, and Gizelle says that has nothing to do with her. Her taxes are paid and her daughters are great.

Askale joins the ladies and Andy.

Chris is no longer on good terms with Dorothy.

Candiace’s attempt to have Chris manage her career comes up. She says she pays him “in love.” Mia says this is pr*stitution since she pays Chris in s*x. Candiace says she should know.

When it comes to her new house, she also says that Chris’ name is on the deed and her mother is not. Gizelle says that Dorothy had a lot to say about Chris to everyone, not just Mia. So she wonders if Candiace is upset about this. Candiace says this wasn’t cool. And it did bother her watching the episode play out.

Mia says that Wendy should have told Candiace what Dorothy did that day but she didn’t when she was supposed to be a “real friend” to Candiace. Wendy tells her to shut up.

She breaks down in tears and says that Chris is hurt by Dorothy’s actions at the video shoot. So she’s not sure how they can fix the relationship.

Andy calls out Candiace. 

The video shoot drama comes up. Mia says that the video was low budget because no one even greeted her when she arrived at the shoot location. But Candiace says it wasn’t about “catering to the extras.” It was about getting the video done.

Candiace said she didn’t know the backstory with Mia’s mother and she wouldn’t have said that if she had known. But what she did was “joning.” And Mia was “ungrateful” for not appreciating that she went light on her with the “your mother” response. Andy laughs and he really cannot believe what Candiace is saying. Gizelle says that Candiace overreacted with her response. However, Candiace doesn’t see it that way.

Andy asks how things are working out with the way Candiace responds to people. She’s the common denominator and may have reasonability in what happened with Monique. Candiace thinks everyone hits below the belt. So she doesn’t understand how she is the one who is being called out for going too far. Andy reminds her that she did have a butter knife incident with Ashley.

Candiace and Mia clash.

And Andy says that Candiace’s actions have resulted in many fans calling for her to be fired. But Candiace still doesn’t agree that she’s the common denominator. Nor does she feel she crosses the line. Gizelle just wants Candiace to be aware of when she goes too far.

At this point, Candiace says it was “low” and “foul” for Mia to say that if her mother relapses, it would be on Candiace. She says that Mia paraded her mother on the show and used her for a storyline. And Mia says her mother actually wanted to tell her story. But Candiace wouldn’t understand real-life issues because she’s a spoiled brat.

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