RHOP Recap: Wendy Presses Gizelle, Robyn Snaps + Andy Says Fans Want Candiace Fired

rhop season 6 episode 18
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On part one of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion, Gizelle is once again put in the hot seat about her past relationship with Jamal. Andy questions the timeline of their most recent breakup. And he’s confused about when it all unfolded. He also questions if Monique’s binder played a role in their split. After Gizelle tries to clear up the dates, Wendy chimes in. And she says that Gizelle’s timeline doesn’t make any sense. As Wendy continues to speak on Gizelle, Robyn gets irritated. She tells Wendy to chill out and stop interjecting.

Candiace reveals the current status between Chris and Dorothy. They are no longer on good terms because Chris was hurt by Dorothy’s actions at the video shoot. At this point, they barely speak and Candiace isn’t sure how they can fix it. After Mia and Gizelle point out that Dorothy had a lot to say that day to multiple people, this leads to a discussion of the “your mother” drama.

Andy tells Candiace that many viewers have called for her to be fired. They believe Candiace hits below the belt too often and crosses the line too many times. He also tells Candiace that she is the common denominator. And her behavior led to her altercation with Monique. He reminds her of her butter knife incident with Ashley. At this point, he doesn’t understand why Candiace doesn’t see the issue with her actions.

Here’s a recap for, “Reunion Part 1.”

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