Did Malaysia Pargo & Brooke Bailey Come to Blows While Filming ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 10?

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Malaysia Pargo may have a rocky season 10.

Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo is no stranger to feuds and controversy. On the recent season, she had a sitdown with Jackie Christie after they nearly came to blows. Malaysia felt as if Jackie betrayed her. Jackie was told that Malaysia’s parenting was being slammed in the Atlanta circles. And Jackie’s source said that people had accused her of having her children look dirty on social media. After Jackie shared this with the rest of the cast, it got back to Malaysia. Malaysia felt Jackie’s actions were malicious. However, Jackie said she was just trying to be a good friend. She believed Malaysia needed to know what was being said about her. Despite their previous blow up, they were able to hash everything out and save their friendship.

Malaysia also had some contentious moments with OG. OG accused the cast of having a colorism issue. In her opinion, she was treated unfairly because she is a dark-skinned woman. Malaysia would later say she didn’t have the same experience as another dark-skinned woman on the cast. OG then said it was rumored that Malaysia bleached her skin. And although both women did talk about their issues on the recent season, they didn’t come to an understanding. Malaysia also received a lot of backlash from fans of the show.

Interestingly enough, it’s rumored the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” could be even tougher for Malaysia. She’s at odds with most of the women on the season 10 cast. Now it’s being rumored she may have come to blows with Brooke Bailey while filming.

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