‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Struggles to Cover His Tracks

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Estelle is spiraling.

Tariq wakes up at his grandmother Estelle’s place. He grabs his phone and re-reads past text messages from a now-deceased Professor Reynolds and Tasha. His little sister Yasmine calls for help. While attempting to make breakfast, she started a fire. Tariq puts it out with a box of baking soda. And he tells her Tasha taught him and Raina to do this when they were Yasmine’s age.

Not too long later, Estelle comes to the kitchen to get the smoke detector to stop beeping. She asks Tariq when he got there. He reminds her he got there at 8 pm the previous night and she knew this. After she leaves, Tariq asks Yasmine if Estelle’s been drinking again. Yasmine says she has and things have gotten worse. So she tells Tariq he should move back in.

Dru is not on good terms with Monet.

Monet is on the edge after killing Rico. So when she hears a noise downstairs, she grabs her gun to check it out. Turns out, it’s just Dru looking for something in the kitchen. He’s still healing after being shot. And since he thinks Monet is the true person responsible, he’s been cold towards her. Diana thinks Monet doesn’t deserve all the blame. However, Dru disagrees.

Cane is still rolling with LG after taking out K.O., a member of LG’s GTG crew. Mecca now joins them. They are confronted by the remaining members after leaving a club. One of them is K.O’s brother. They accuse LG of being a traitor for partnering up with Cane who is responsible for K.O’s death. Mecca kills them quickly.

Maclean prepares for an interview with Soledad O’Brien. Saxe joins him. While they are talking, Tariq calls Maclean. He tells him to locate Tasha because he needs to talk to her. And he doesn’t care that she’s now under witness protection. After Maclean hangs up, he tells Saxe he has no intentions of actually finding Tasha. But he will charge Tariq handsomely for his time anyway.

Tate is sulking.

Professor Milgram goes on to teach Professor Reynolds’ class since no one can locate him. Tariq, Lauren, and the other students are told that they must ponder if free will is an illusion. Tariq says that he’d like to believe everyone has free will but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. And everyone must deal with the consequences of their actions.

Tate’s brother Kamaal wakes him up as he’s sleeping on Kamaal’s couch. Apparently, Tate lost the governor race. He believes he was robbed. Kamaal tells Tate to stop sulking. He only ran for governor because he wanted the power that comes with the position. So Tate needs to stop sulking and find another way to get the power he seeks.

Reynolds’ body is discovered.

Detectives are at the crime scene of Professor Reynolds’ demise. They locate Detective Ramirez’s gun. At this point, they are questioning if Ramirez pulled the trigger and skipped town. And since Reynolds was helping them investigate the body found on the Stansfield campus, they are wondering if this is what got him killed.

Councilman Tate wants to get into congress and take Congressman Sweeney’s seat. He’s willing to get dirt on Sweeney to make this a reality.

The lead detective, Detective Whitman, who is investigating Professor Reynolds’ death asks Professor Milgram out on a date. They used to have a thing in the past. She’s in shock when the date actually results in her seeing Reynolds’ dead body in the morgue and Whitman asks if she can identify him. She tells him she knows him and they used to work together. And they had a romantic relationship but that’s been over for a while. Whitman asks Milgram to help him find out who killed Reynolds. The first thing she should do is get a list of all the students Reynolds advised and taught.

Tariq lies to Monet.

Monet tells Dru and Diana that she wants them all out of the business. Zeke is going pro soon and they can all join his team. Monet will manage him. Dru will travel with him, and Diana will be his publicist. They find out Reynolds was killed and Monet has questions.

Cane meets with Tariq. He’s not happy that Reynolds is all over the news. And since Monet wants to have Tariq over for dinner, he suspects Monet knows Reynolds was Tariq’s professor. He doesn’t want Monet to know what happened that night. And Tariq says she won’t if both of them keep their mouths closed.

Tariq tells Monet, Diana, and Dru that Reynolds was his professor but he had nothing to do with his death. Monet warns him that it will be a problem if she finds out he’s not telling the truth.

Cane is ready to work for Mecca.

After Zeke and Milgram sleep together again, she asks if Monet had anything to do with Reynolds’ death. He says Monet would never do anything that could harm his future. And Milgram says that Monet threatened to expose that she was sleeping with Zeke if she said what she knew about the GTG shooting.

Tariq meets with Brayden to go on a family hunting trip with him. He loads heavy Louis Vuitton bags into the back of Brayden’s car. He reveals that they just got a re-up from Monet so they are back in business.

Mecca located the GTG member who got away after their recent run-in. He tells Cane that how he handles him will let him know where Cane is. Cane chooses to fistfight the guy. He ends up breaking his neck. Mecca is impressed.

Diana and Dru aren’t sure if Tariq is telling the truth about Reynolds. But they are sure that they are tired of Monet making all the decisions for them. So it’s time for them to start making their own moves.

After Cane discovers Mecca’s drugs, he tells him he wants a chance to be Mecca’s solider.

Tariq can’t get his past actions out of his mind.

Monet meets with Zeke and questions why he’s been avoiding her. He asks her if she threatened Milgram and Monet confirms she did. With Reynolds being dead and the heat intensifying around them, Monet denies having any involvement. And she wants Zeke to go pro immediately for the whole family.

Tate asks Kamaal to dig up information on Congressman Sweeney.

While Tariq is hunting deer with Brayden’s family and Congressman Sweeney, he’s shot at by Sweeney. And Sweeney says it was an accident. Seeing the dead deer gives Tariq flashbacks about the people he’s killed, including Ghost. So he ends his time with Brayden’s family.

Monet continues to ignore Cane.

Maclean visits his brother Theo in prison. He notices that he has bruises on his face like he’s been in a fight. He tells Theo that Saxe doesn’t know that he’s going to get his brother out of jail. Maclean refuses to let Theo die in prison.

Cane tries to go to the house and talk to Monet about his potential new connect, Mecca. But Monet refuses to speak to him. While Cane is leaving, he has no idea that Mecca is watching him in his car across the street.

Things are intensifying around Tariq.

Tariq gets a call on his burner phone. It’s Detective Whitman. After he announces himself, Tariq hangs up the phone. However, Whitman has it pinged. And he learns that the phone is located on Stansfield’s campus. So the last person Reynolds spoke to was on campus. As a result of this finding, he decides this is where they will focus their investigation.

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