‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ Star David Edwards Calls Tami Roman Stupid

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Tami Roman and David Edwards haven’t made any progress.

“Basketball Wives” may no longer be on Tami Roman‘s radar, but she has people talking about her return to “The Real World.” In fact, “The Real World: Los Angeles” happens to be where Tami got her start on reality television. Back then, fans appreciated how open Tami was about controversial topics, including abortions. She had one while she filmed the show. Tami also opened up about being homeless with her mother. But another moment people will never forget is her intense situation with David Edwards.

On the show, David said he was only playing with Tami when he pulled her out of her bed. While he thought they were just joking around, Tami said the moment made her really uncomfortable because she was just wearing her underwear. After the incident, the rest of the cast voted David out of the house. And until then, he and Tami haven’t hashed out their issues.

When the cast reunited recently to film, “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” Tami and David probably hoped they could talk about what happened. However, things got tense. And at one point, Tami called her husband Reggie Youngblood to come to handle David.

Recently, the cast got together for an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote their reunion. And David said, “I’m the same guy. Just 3.0. David 3.0.”

Tami is then asked if she’s forgiven David for what happened years ago.

“You know, I think we all kind of came into this moment wanting to right wrongs. Sometimes things go the way you hope they do. And sometimes they don’t.”

After Reggie Youngblood is spotted by David Edwards, he left the interview.

David abruptly walks out of the interview, signaling he wants a time-out with his hands. And Tami said, “My husband’s here.”

She goes on to say, “I can’t give away too much but I will say that certain things happen this time around. My husband is always going to have my back.”

David makes his way back to finish the interview and tells Tami, “We all can call people up here.” He’s asked what just happened to make him get up and leave. And David tells the interviewer to ask Tami.

She responds with, “I don’t know who did that.” David got angry and told Tami, “Yeah, okay. Stupid.” He then leaves the interview, again.

“The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” premieres on Paramount Plus on November 24.


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