Simon Guobadia Says Porsha Williams DM’d Him After He Announced His Divorce

Photo Credit: Bravo

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia discuss the origin of their romance.

Porsha Williams still has “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans discussing her engagement on social media. But she will share more details on “Porsha’s Family Matters.” On the season premiere, Porsha and Simon Guobadia break down how they met. According to them, it was initiated because of an exchange that took place in their DM’s.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says, “Simon and I met actually because he had DM’d me. That’s what I think. Now y’all tell me if he telling y’all something different. Okay?”

As for Simon, he has another perspective.

“My relationship with Porsha started after my ex-wife and I announced we were getting divorced. Porsha reached out in my DM and she expressed that she was sorry to hear that. Her DM’ing me, checking up on me, making sure I was okay…I appreciated it. And the rest of it is history.”

Interestingly enough, producers later flash back to Porsha and Simon meeting each other last season on RHOA at Simon and Falynn’s house.

Simon also opens up about his past marriages.

“I have five kids. I obviously have been married a few times. This is gonna be my fourth marriage. And kids are typically involved with each divorce. Co-parenting is not an easy thing to do.”

Dennis McKinley has more to say.

The couple has the cameras follow them as they look for their dream house. Porsha says, “The house in Costa Rica has me spoiled. I want that vibe. It has to have that umph that when you walk in the door, like bam!”

Later on, Dennis McKinely spends some time with Porsha’s mother Miss Diane, and his daughter PJ. He discusses his timeline with Porsha. And he brings up the Christmas photo posted last year.

In a green screen interview, he says, “You know Porsha moves fast. We broke up July 2020. But on Christmas, she bought us d*mn matching pajamas, ya’ll seen that sh*t. Porsha asked me for her ring back around Christmas.”

He continues, “We had too much stuff that wasn’t worked out. She didn’t like that answer. Next thing I know, she was engaged.”

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