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LAMH Recap: Vanessa Checks Wanda, Destiny Annoys Melody + Martell Crashes Melody’s Event

LAMH Season 3 Episode 19

Photo Credit: OWN

Melody’s excited about her video premiere party.

The season finale begins at Melody’s office. Melody gets a call from her event coordinator Gigi. Her music video premiere party is important to her and she wants it to go off without a hitch. That means Martell is not invited. Melody wants to protect her peace.

Tiffany stops by later for interviews for potential interns. All of the interviewees are students from Melody’s Alma Mater Alabama A&M. Meanwhile, Tiffany calls LaTisha messy regarding their conversation at Destiny’s event. Specifically, Tiffany felt some type of way because it seemed as if LaTisha was looking for some dirt on her. Melody just thought LaTisha was just trying to get to know her.

Later on, they’re setting up for the party at Stormi’s mansion. Melody says the decor and setup looks amazing. Melody’s interns were hired and they will be helping Gigi make sure the event goes on without issues.

Kimmi and Maurice once again explain details of their relationship.

Eventually, the party begins and the cast arrives and has their photos taken in front of a backdrop with Melody’s face on it. Melody also had all of her guests dressed in white. The event has a Miami theme and it all looks amazing.

Of course, the cast is together and this includes Miss Wanda. Maurice tells them about the honeymoon he finally planned for him and Kimmi, and Miss Wanda brings up that Destiny is a single woman and they shouldn’t take her on their honeymoon trip. Maurice and Kimmi laugh that off. Next, they all talk about Martell not being invited to the event. It’s at this point, LaTisha and Marsau arrive. 

Later on, Melody’s patience is running thin as the party is starting late due to things outside of her control.

Back with the group, Miss Wanda is trying to teach Destiny how to “keep a man.” This causes, even more, laughs from the cast as Marsau then jokes about Miss Wanda having a husband and a boyfriend. Kimmi’s also irritated as they’re always talking about side chicks and she brings up that she was never one. Maurice’s over it as well and also explains they didn’t even date until a year after the divorce was finalized and when he moved in with his other brother and Kimmi’s friend Patricia. Interestingly enough, LaTisha doesn’t like Patricia.

Miss Wanda approaches Miss Vanessa once more.

Things get tense later on when Miss Wanda approaches Miss Vanessa for another talk. Miss Vanessa reluctantly obliges and lays down ground rules with Miss Wanda and to stop telling Melody to go back to Martell. She calls Wanda’s advice “jacked up.” Miss Wanda says she has every right to speak on Melody, Miss Vanessa, or anything she reads on social media. But Vanessa lets her know that she better keep her bad advice to herself. And if Miss Wanda ever approaches her in a messy way again, she’ll react appropriately.

As this goes on, Destiny, Kimmi, LaTisha, and Tiffany are talking and Tiffany has her guard up with LaTisha. LaTisha explains why she was digging for bones regarding Tiffany, and Kimmi explains that they all just want Tiffany to approach them with more transparency regarding her relationship with Louis and their past. At this point, Tiffany calls LaTisha messy when LaTisha brings up how Tiffany had kids with multiple men and Kimmi gets irritated with Tiffany using her and Jaylin as an example to show how LaTisha crossed the line.

The video is mostly well-received.

Finally, it’s time for Melody to premiere the video and she walks out with a dog that doesn’t seem to cooperate much. But that didn’t matter much as everyone was excited to watch the video. After some remarks from Melody, the video airs. The song and video go over well with the guests but LaTisha points out the song is about Martell and jokingly says to give Martell his credit.

The video gets a standing ovation from her guests and Melody’s happy and thankful she had a chance to share her art with her close friends. Marsau didn’t seem to like the song that much as he feels it was bashing Martell with a “better looking Martell” in the video.

Melody’s annoyed with Destiny.

Later on, Destiny and Melody have a tense one-on-one concerning her “village.” Melody’s mad that Destiny pulled her aside to even talk about this, calling the conversation negative. But Melody stays and listens to ask about how she can help maintain their friendship and not dismiss Destiny’s feelings.

When Destiny brings up that Melody can call her to watch the kids, Melody brings up that the kids aren’t checking for her. 

When Destiny brings up that they’re each other’s village, Melody seemingly brushes that off. That annoys Destiny who says Melody keeps downplaying her feelings. At this point, it doesn’t seem either one of them is getting their point across and Melody walks off.

Martell arrives at the party in peace and with praise for Melody.

Meanwhile, Martell, despite not being invited, makes an appearance at the event. He walks in as Melody’s media team presents her with a gift. Melody sees him and gets really annoyed. He pulls her aside and he congratulates her. However, she expresses her annoyance with Martell showing up despite him saying it’s all positive. Martell found out about the party from Marsau.

Although he’s not happy about the song, he’s supportive of her. 

But in his interview, he mentions how he should approach Melody for “50 percent” of the song’s earnings as he strongly feels the song is about him. Either way, Melody feels accomplished for how everything played out. The cast as a whole feels good that things got off pretty smoothly during the event even after Martell showed up.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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