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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Prince Goes off on Charmaine & Neek + Kitty Wants Peace

Photo Credit: VH1./YouTube

Neek and Charmaine are expecting.

Charmaine is pregnant with baby number two. She was afraid to announce the news because it’s her second time being pregnant after losing a parent. Although she’s still grieving her father, she’s thankful she and Neek were able to tell him she’s pregnant before he passed away.

Neek has a surprise dinner planned for them in the park to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary. She’s also dealing with drama at the shop. Prince hasn’t paid his booth rent in two months. And she’s upset Prince had Draya back in 2nd City Ink while she was burying her father. At this point, she knows she has to sit down with him and address everything.

Miss Kitty wants to fix things with Charmaine.

Steven is giving Miss Kitty some tattooing lessons. She’s always wanted to give it a try. But Steven isn’t confident Kitty is cut out for it though.

They discuss Charmaine and her drama with Prince. Although Kitty is upset with her, she’s concerned for Charmaine too since her father passed away. She wants them to try to repair their friendship despite their nasty blowup.

Charmaine vents about shop drama to Ryan.

Ryan stops by 2nd City Ink to check on Charmaine. She tells him she’s losing artists by the day. She’s even been having to be her own receptionist at the moment.

Charmaine has been trying to stay busy because she’s afraid she may start to sink if she has time to think about her father’s death.

She talks to Ryan about accusing Prince and Draya of sleeping together. Ryan tells her it wasn’t their business and it definitely wasn’t the right place to discuss it. Regardless, Charmaine felt like she had to say something eventually because Prince is dating her friend Miriah. With Ryan suggesting Charmaine takes a calmer approach to run her shop, Charmaine can’t help but respect his growth. And she remembers when he was quick to fire those he clashed with.

Steven hasn’t been around.

Ryan returns to 9 Mag after his therapy sessions. He talks to Phor and Don about how things are spiraling between Prince and Charmaine. He doesn’t think that Charmaine should be feuding with Prince because he was the only artist holding her down for the last year.

Don has a lot on his plate too. He’s still working at 9 Mag, working on his own gym, and he has a new acting role. So he’s trying to balance it all.

The men discuss Steven. Apparently, Steven hasn’t been showing up to the shop to work. And Ryan warned Steven to keep it professional and not allow his friendship with Kitty to interfere with his tattooing.

Ryan and Steven hash out their issues.

After Steven hasn’t been showing up to tattoo at 9 Mag, he comes by the shop to thank everyone before he heads back to London. Steven tells Ryan that he just thought that the vibe felt wrong. And the drama between Kitty and Ryan was just a bit too much for him.

Ryan gets angry and tells Steven that his friendship with Kitty isn’t going to feed his family. But Steven doesn’t understand why it’s so serious. He wasn’t going to be in Chicago long. And he didn’t need the money because his life and real work is back at home. But he apologizes to Ryan for how things went down. And Ryan just decides to accept his apology so there won’t be any hard feelings.

Prince may move on to 9 Mag.

Kitty, Steven, Prince, and Draya all go out. Steven recaps the drama that went down with Ryan. Kitty doesn’t see the issue because Steven planned on only guest spotting at 9 Mag anyway. As for Prince, he thinks Charmaine just has way too much going on in her personal life. And things got way too messy. But he’s open to talking to Ryan about working at 9 Mag.

Miriah comes to 2nd City Ink to talk to Charmaine. Prince was also invited to join their talk. But he hasn’t responded to the invitation as of yet.

Charmaine apologizes to Miriah for making the accusations about Prince and Draya in front of multiple people. Regardless, Miriah said she had her own suspicions. He’s with Draya at all hours of the morning. She also thinks something might be going on between them. And Miriah hasn’t been seeing much of Prince as of late. She’s hurt about how things transpired. Not too long later, Prince shows up to Charmaine’s office. And he’s informed they were discussing him.

Prince clashes with Neek.

Prince doesn’t think Charmaine has been much of a friend to him even though he’s been loyal to her and 2nd City Ink. But Charmaine says that he was loyal until Draya returned.

He says Charmaine was wrong to cross the line and make the accusations she made. He didn’t intend to pay booth rent until Charmaine apologized for her actions. But Charmaine feels Prince doesn’t respect her as a boss because she’s a woman. After some yelling, Charmaine fires him. And Prince demands to talk to Neek. Charmaine calls him a b*tch and calls Neek on FaceTime.

Neek tells Prince there is nothing to talk about. And Prince hasn’t been handling his business at the shop. Prince gets angry and tosses the phone across Charmaine’s office. She wants him out of her shop.

Prince gets up to leave and Miriah follows him out. Prince’s brother meets them outside the shop and Prince goes off about his latest blowup with Charmaine. After he drives away, Miriah breaks down in tears. She’s pregnant. Miriah claims Prince knows this and he hasn’t been there for her. So Prince’s brother says he will try to talk to Prince.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Kms

    November 22, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    I could never and will never like Charmaine….. she is always the victim 🙄….. she’s definitely not a boss…. That’s a joke…. Friend or not….. wasn’t her place to start a mess with Prince….. idc if his girl is her friend….. you don’t have proof…. Not your business…. She cries she needs help then doesn’t want the help…. Then talks sh-t…. Ugh…. Stopped watching

  2. Kms

    November 22, 2021 at 10:22 pm

    she is always the victim 🙄….. she’s definitely not a boss…. That’s a joke…. Friend or not….. wasn’t her place to start a mess with Prince….. idc if his girl is her friend….. you don’t have proof…. Not your business…. She cries she needs help then doesn’t want the help…. Then talks sh-t…. Ugh…. Stopped watching…. Never liked her and never will

  3. Natalie

    November 23, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    I know Steven is happy to be returning to the UK.

  4. Kendra

    November 23, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Charmaine’s conduct was extremely unprofessional. If you wanted to apologize and/or discuss the situation with Prince and his girlfriend then that conversation should not have taken place at your place of business. In addition, you called that man a b-tch. Then proceeded to play the victim.

  5. Grace

    November 23, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    I’m going to say the obvious since no one else will. This show is fake and has been for years now. None of these people really work at Charmaine’s shop and they were never friends either. That is why you’ll see these artists working at other shops in between seasons. Every season they pick a villain and write the story. This time it’s Charmaine. Next season will be someone else. Probably one of the people y’all are mad at Charmaine for. This is why the ratings are bad now. It’s not about showing people’s real lives who have real connections with each other. That’s why so many people have left this show. And more will leave. It’s weird seeing people being outraged by very obvious, fake storylines. They need to stop this. All these shows are too fake now.

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