Did ‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Alex & Donna Break Up?

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Donna and Alex have had a controversial romance since the beginning.

Black Ink Crew” star Donna recently expressed that she thought it would be a good idea for the show to be canceled. On the previous season, her romance with Alex was a hot topic. They clashed a lot when everyone had to quarantine. And Alex showed back up around the crew with a scratch on his face. This led to Ceaser and other others questioning if Donna had been putting her hands on Alex. It also didn’t help things that Donna made the crew uncomfortable with the way she checked Alex while they were on a flight to Ceaser’s Atlanta shop. So Ceaser labeled their relationship as toxic. He also accused Donna of being abusive towards Alex.

Donna didn’t appreciate the accusations. She clashed with the producers of the show. And she denied that she ever got violent with Alex. However, Alex didn’t back up her innocence. He called her out about the scratch left on his face. However, he would later retract on social media. He said he lied on Donna and he apologized to her on Instagram.

Miss Kitty recently insinuated that Donna has been fired from the show. But it’s possible that Donna may have recently experienced another major life change. Fans are started to wonder if she and Alex have broken up.

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