LAMH Recap: Martell Feels the Show Caused Divorce + Carlos Believes Martell Loves Mistress

LAMH Season 3 Episode 20
LAMH Season 3 Episode 20

During part one of the “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” reunion, the show’s creator and executive producer Carlos King sits down with the cast to begin the reunion. Carlos spends much of this episode diving into the demise of Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s marriage.

Specifically, he gets the Holts to discuss details regarding their marriage that occurred before the show began filming. As the timeline of strife between the two is straightened out, Melody speaks of her first interaction with Martell’s mistress.

Martell stepped out on the marriage and when Melody found out via a phone call, Martell and Melody separated. Melody then reveals a surprising situation occurring in light of Martell’s allegations that she also cheated on him.

Martell also calls out Marsau, issuing claims that Martell tried to flirt with and woo Melody, something Marsau denies.

Meanwhile, Kimmi Scott and Maurice Scott further clarify and deny the side chick allegations and Kimmi calls out Martell and Marsau for joking about the allegations.

Here’s the recap for, “Reunion, Part 1.”

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  1. Carlos did not come to play ????

    Melody cheated just like Martel said – they were not divorced when he had the oral transaction. Martel ain’t **it.

    Kimmi was a side chick, that man was not divorced when they got together. A separation is not the same as a divorce.

    1. Semantics do not work here. Melody and Martell were broken up and living in different homes. She didn’t cheat on Martell. This asinine thinking is why simpletons are calling Kimmi a side chick. Just because the divorce wasn’t final doesn’t mean cheating occurred. And if Martell loves Arionne, why is he still not with her? Why is he still sleeping with multiple women now? You and Carlos have no clue what love is. Someone can have s-x with a person for a decade and never have loved them. Time doesn’t equate to love. Martell was with Melody over a decade and never loved her. He loves no one but himself. Black women need to understand the difference between lust (convenient s-x) and love. Self esteem is required to know the difference.

  2. This was truly some sadistic bullsh-t to watch. Arionne ain’t no restaurant. She’s a convenience store. Always open when he wants some. Martell wants a stable of concubines. He doesn’t love anyone but himself. Arionne would flourish in life if she would finally wake up and see it for what it is. They need to move on from this storyline. They are divorced now.

  3. Shannon… said a mouthful!!! I totally agree!!! Men aren’t wired like women…we think and feel with our hearts and they with their private parts…a man CAN be with a woman for years and NOT love her…..

  4. As long as people associate s-x and money/gifts with love, men like Martell will keep getting away with what they do. That man doesn’t love anybody. This show is so dark. Carlos didn’t mind hurting Melody for ratings I see. Despicable.

  5. D-mn Shannon now why did you have to go take the words out my mouth. You hit it on the nail with that comment.

  6. I agree with Shannon and others who have accurately stated that sleeping with someone for a few years doesn’t mean love is involved. Men will keep a woman around until she cuts them off. It’s not that Martell risked his family or lost his family over this woman, that was not his intention. He thought Melody would stay and he’d have both women.

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