Dennis McKinley Has a Heated Exchange with Porsha Williams & Lauren Williams

Photo Credit: Bravo

Dennis McKinley has had enough.

Things are going to get crazier on “Porsha’s Family Matters.” On the upcoming episode, Dennis McKinely agrees to attend the family retreat. Porsha Williams‘ sister Lauren Williams figured it would be positive. “This week is going to be about self-transformation.” However, things go left. The family just isn’t able to have a peaceful dinner. Arguments ensue. And Simon Guobadia seems a bit out of place as the tension thickens.

Porsha’s cousins get into it first. But not too long after they begin to argue, Dennis throws some shade. He tells Simon, “Simon, welcome to the family. This is what you get.” Porsha blames the tension squarely on Dennis. “This is what you get? You started this.”

Still furious by Dennis’ comments, Porsha later shades Dennis for coming because of a Versace robe. “Ain’t nobody have to do no robe or nothing for me to come. I just came because I naturally wanted…”

Lauren interjects and seemingly takes issue with how Dennis is talking to Porsha. “Don’t talk to her like that! Exactly!” But at this point, Dennis is over it all. He’s ready to go back home to Atlanta. “I’m going home! I ain’t gotta be here, bro!”

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