Shekinah Anderson Says She Doesn’t Respect Tami Roman

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Shekinah Anderson isn’t a fan of Tami Roman.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Shekinah Anderson has had her share of feuds. The last time she was on the show she had a nasty feud with Akbar V. They nearly came to blows, too. Shekinah felt like the root of the issue was Akbar was jealous of her success. And she was starting to feel like Akbar was a “niece” of hers. They were able to make peace eventually.

Shekinah also had a nasty falling out with her former best friend Tiny Harris. Shekinah spoke on the serious accusations made against Tiny and TI, and Tiny didn’t appreciate this. So the friendship dissolved. Shekinah spoke her mind on the situation on Instagram.

Well, Shekinah spoke her mind about Tami Roman, too. During an Instagram Live session, her followers brought up Tami since Shekinah was rocking a bonnet.

“Girl, I don’t got nothing to say about Tami Roman. I do not. Tami Roman did some disrespectful sh*t to me and I ain’t got nothing to say about her. I have no feed on her. She unfollowed me because I told her she ain’t know what the f*ck she was talking about when she made a post about me that I did not appreciate.”

She continued, “And I don’t respect her. So I don’t care what her husband doing. I don’t even care for y’all to bring her up on my live. God be to glory with her. Yeah, I don’t respect her. No.”

‘Bonnet Chronicles’ is the root of the issue.

Shekinah went on to discuss her issue with Tami. “Let me tell you something about me. Baby, I’m like one of the first b*tches to start rocking bonnets in my bed. Let me go on and open this sh*t up. I’m one of the first people who used to walk around every day outside in bonnets and everything. I made b*tches wanna start a bonnet line. No shade.”

She added, “I used to get on live every day in my bonnet like I am right now. No shade. Then all of a sudden everybody else started coming out with bonnet games. No shade.”

Shekinah also said that she doesn’t copy off other people, “I don’t copy off of other folks. I start sh*t. They copy. I just watch.”

Some of her followers began to question if Shekinah was coming for Toya Johnson. And Shekinah clarified that she’s not. “It wasn’t no shade to Toya, it was shade to Tami. Cause see she started doing her ‘Bonnet Chronicles’ but I was already on my bonnet chronicles. I just didn’t come up with a name or give it an Instagram.”

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