LAMH Recap: Martell & Melody’s Daughter Went off on Mistress + Kimmi is Done with LaTisha

LAMH Season 3 Episode 22
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Marsau’s still fed up with Louis and Destiny calls Melody a bad friend.

The conclusion begins with the Scotts and Whitlows going back and forth regarding Louis and Tiffany’s transparency. When that ends, Carlos sends the guys off to their dressing room. Maurice joins Marsau while Louis hangs with Martell. Martell tells Louis he tried to have his back. Meanwhile, Carols keeps the ladies on the set.

Marsau vents about the interaction with Louis while Martell agrees with Louis regarding about LaTisha digging for dirt.

When the next segment begins, Carlos brings up Destiny’s beef with Tiffany which turned into a disagreement with Melody. Destiny felt it was out of line for Tiffany to bring up La’Berrick possibly being seen with another woman and the Monster situation, calling her messy. Melody felt like it carried on for a long time and Destiny never got over it. She then jumps in between them verbally, mentioning that this back and forth hurts her.

Carlos directs the conversation to the disagreements between Destiny and Melody and asks Destiny how her friendship with Melody is currently. Destiny says she hasn’t spoken to Melody in a while. She mentions that she calls Destiny but doesn’t even get a text back and Melody agrees. Melody then says that when she gets done with “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” she breaks away from everyone on the show. She does this because she needs time to process all of the drama that occurred while filming. LaTisha takes offense to this and speaks out, mentioning Melody did this to her.

This confuses Melody as she brings up she pulled back because of her impending divorce with Martell. LaTisha says, “that sounds good.”

She then says Melody doesn’t know how to be a friend. Carlos digs into this and gets LaTisha to say that Melody was actually a better friend to Destiny. Melody apologizes to Destiny.

Kimmi’s fed up with LaTisha.

Next, Carlos discusses Kimmi and LaTisha’s strained relationship and how LaTisha felt Kimmi didn’t have her back during her beef with Melody and Martell. After a brief back and forth between Melody and LaTisha, Kimmi speaks up about a time she spoke up for LaTisha. But LaTisha keeps talking over Kimmi, irritating her. Next, Kimmi brings up a time she told Melody to stop talking about the cheating accusations made against Marsau.

Kimmi unloads into LaTisha and calls her messy. Carlos calms down things for a split second. It gets emotional when Kimmi says she wouldn’t be friends with LaTisha if they weren’t married to Maurice and Marsau. That hurts LaTisha’s feelings.

Melody denies telling the kids about Martell’s newest baby.

Things get tense when the segment ends as LaTisha and Melody go back and forth when they speak about their past tension. This is when Vanessa and Wanda join them with Maurice and Marsau. Martell is also on the stage and mentions Marlene couldn’t make it as she had to watch his kids at home. Their segment begins with Carlos speaking about the times Vanessa and Wanda got involved in the drama with Martell and Melody.

Vanessa speaks about her daughter’s split with Martell and says it broke her heart. This causes Melody to tear up. But this leads to tension between Melody and Martell as Martell brings up how Melody told their kids about his youngest baby. Melody denies this. She explains how she ended up driving to a restaurant where Martell’s former mistress and Martell were having dinner together and Mariah was screaming at Arionne out of a car window. Mariah yelled at the former mistress to get away from Martell. Despite this, Melody says she didn’t tell the kids about Martell’s affair and youngest son.

Martell says he didn’t tell the kids about his youngest son because it takes time. And it seems he’s embarrassed to be in this situation.

Wanda hits Vanessa below the belt.

Next, Carlos brings up the tension between Vanessa and Wanda which leads to a back and forth between the two. It gets nasty when Wanda brings up the rumored s*xtape Vanessa had with Maurice and Marsau’s brother. She also says Vanessa needs to teach Melody how to make those moves so she can keep a man. 

Vanessa denies that there is a tape.

Meanwhile, LaTisha speaks up about telling Wanda about not speaking about this as she doesn’t know it to be true. Carlos asks if she dated Marsau and Maurice’s brother and Vanessa says no, they were just friends. Martell then speaks up, mentioning they actually drove 5-6 hours to see one another. 

Lastly, Marsau says that he doesn’t know if the tape exists. But Vanessa did date their brother.

Next, Carlos asks about Wanda calling Kimmi a snake. She says she did it regarding the beef she had with Melody and Kimmi. LaTisha express that Kimmi didn’t defend her marriage against the cheating allegations. In fact, LaTisha felt Kimmi was joining in.

Marsau and Maurice express frustration with how the two of them couldn’t look past the comments from fans of the show. It’s clear Kimmi is done trying to have a friendship with LaTisha.

During the next break, Melody and Martell have yet another back and forth that Carlos had to stop. Melody reveals Martell doesn’t have her phone number. He only has the number to a burner phone.

It’s at this point, Carlos had one more segment where he announces there will be a season 4. Then has Jaylin bring out Blaque Chocolate champagne and have them all toast to the new season.

What are your thoughts regarding the season finale?

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