Amid ‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ Drama, Porsha Williams Puts Dennis McKinley on Blast

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Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams’ engagement has been receiving criticism.

Porsha Williams said her co-parenting relationship with Dennis McKinley has taken a hit since her engagement. She’s received a lot of backlash after confirming her relationship with Simon Guobadia. Interestingly enough, Dennis has been critical of it too on “Porsha’s Family Matters.” He doesn’t think it’s a good sign that Simon has already been married three times. Plus, he feels Porsha looks like “homewrecker of the year” getting with the husband of a former coworker. However, Porsha said that she was never friends with Falynn Guobadia. And she didn’t pursue Simon until their split. But Falynn said she believes Porsha and Simon started messing around before they were filming “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Regardless, Porsha’s current feud seems to be with Dennis.

Porsha Williams calls out Dennis McKinley.

Hours ago, she told her Instagram followers that Dennis came for her motherhood while they were filming another scene for the show.

She wrote, “Hey loves, now you all know by now I don’t address too much of what’s happening on the show because I rather you just enjoy what is meant for entertainment! But because of future low life accusations made by Dennis of me on the show, I want to make it known that yes my daughter is in Mexico with me as she is majority of the time when I travel as a single mom! But as you can imagine after the first dinner I saw just how crazy it was going to be and chose to keep her off camera while I was there working on the show. However, we stayed an extra week in Mexico and as a family, we (my fianc√© & I) blended and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.”

Porsha continued, “I’m a d*mn good mother and I always have my baby girl close no matter what. She is my world and my purpose & for anyone to raise a question against that, shame on you and whoever raised you. Ok I’m done goodnight. Please guys keep talking, keep tweeting the show is doing well and I’m glad you all are entertained.”

More accusations are made.

One of Porsha’s followers didn’t agree that Porsha is a single mother because Dennis has “millions.” In response to this, Porsha wrote, “I literally have no idea how much he makes pretty sure it’s not millions…what millionaire doesn’t pay child support only daycare & buys fake Rolex?!”

She also confirmed they are still filming the show. “Hey a scene I just shot with Dennis about a week ago! It was awful! I don’t know if they will air it or not but I have to put my foot down when it comes to attacking me as a single mom.”

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