Marlo Hampton Says Some RHOA Stars Are Mad She Secured Her Peach

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Are some of the RHOA stars salty about Marlo Hampton securing a peach for season 14?

Marlo Hampton made her first appearance on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as a friend to NeNe Leakes in season 4. Since then, many have questioned why Marlo never held a peach. Some people felt Marlo brought a lot of drama to the show and should have been crowned a main cast member years ago. But the departure of Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey made Marlo’s debut as a peach holder possible.

Interestingly enough, Marlo recently opened up about finally getting a peach while she was on Instagram Live. She said that some of the other women are mad about her promotion. This came up when fans asked her what her tagline will be for season 14.

Marlo said, “Y’all need to help me come up with a tagline. Sh*t I don’t know what it’s gon be. These b*tches be hating. They are not happy…they’re not happy I got a peach. We have some people mad. It’s like b*tch I’ve been here 10 years. D*mn, you can’t be happy for me? Be happy for me! What NeNe said? ‘Support me, b*tch!'”

She continued, “I’ve played in the background for long enough. D*mn!”

Marlo also said that the cast isn’t able to say too much about the drama that has unfolded while filming the upcoming season. But Marlo wanted fans to know that season 14 will be exceptional. And according to multiple reports, Marlo has been busy feuding with Kenya Moore.

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