After Divorcing Martell Holt, Melody Holt is Changing Her Name

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It’s time for Melody Holt to change her name.

Melody Holt said Martell Holt told her he didn’t think she would actually end the marriage. However, the “Love & Marriage: Hunstville” stars reached the point of no return. Not only did Martell father a child with his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry, but he said some disrespectful things Melody can’t get past. However, some people figured it’s still possible that Melody could take Martell back in the future. Martell agreed. And he said that he thinks he and Melody could remarry each other at some point in the future.

Well, Melody said that there’s no chance that she will ever get back together with her ex-husband. But she has changed her mind about her name. Initially, Melody planned to keep Holt her name despite the divorce. However, she told her Instagram followers that she will be changing her name now.

On Instagram Story, she wrote, “I’ve so learned to enjoy my time with ME…To rest, praise, worship, clean, meditate, evaluate…yeah, all of dat.” She added, “I literally had a moment while by myself and my spirit gave me push on something that I’d literally been against doing. Literally didn’t see the purpose.”

Melody continued, “But because of my ‘alone’ time and heightened spirituality, I knew it was deep and a reason that I may not see right now. But Imma be obedient…so…With that being said, I can’t wait to share the journey of my official name change with you all.”

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