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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq & Brayden Clash + Lorenzo Causes Problems

power book 2 ghost season 2 episode 6

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There is tension in the Tejada family.

Lorenzo throws a celebration party at the house to celebrate his freedom. Diana is asked by one of his associates how she was able to get Lorenzo out of prison. She credits Saxe. And she says she got the money to pay him because she knows how to hustle. Monet looks on.

Zeke arrives and Monet introduces him to Lorenzo. Lorenzo welcomes him and his friends before having his men search them for weapons. Dru’s boo Everette is there as well but they play it cool since so many people are at the house. Dru is introduced by Lorenzo as the future of the organization. He plans on Dru running things next. Cane looks on not too far away.

There is obvious tension between Monet and Lorenzo. Lorenzo is back in full control and Monet has been reduced to cooking and taking care of their house guests. Diana notices this and offers to help Monet out in the kitchen. But Lorenzo tells Diana that Monet doesn’t need the help.

It’s time for Lorenzo to make moves.

Lorenzo talks to his associate Kino about continuing business now that he’s back out. But Kino says that they aren’t locked up anymore. So things will be different. He doesn’t want to work under Lorenzo anymore and he has decided to do his own thing with the Broad Street Killers. The leader of the crew was arrested and Kino will be in charge until he gets out. Lorenzo is annoyed by this because he protected Kino from the BSK crew while they were in prison. But Kino says he has to do his own thing. This is the way.

Cane goes to the kitchen to ask Monet why Lorenzo has made Dru his right-hand man. But Monet says it’s not a good time for them to have that conversation.

LG (Lil Guap) is at the party with Cane. He notices that Zeke and Dru keep looking at him. He wants to talk to Lorenzo to make sure that everyone can move on from what happened after the club. Cane assures him that Lorenzo doesn’t care about Zeke and he’s only focused on his comeback, not revenge.

Monet pulls Everette aside. She tells him he’s not allowed in their home because he snitched on Dru. As far as she’s concerned, he’s not able to handle being in a relationship with her son.

It’s time for Monet to retire.

The next morning, Lorenzo and Monet talk in bed before Diana brings him breakfast. Lorenzo tells Monet that Dru is the one who needs to be in control because he’s level-headed and knows how to make good decisions. He’s aware that Dru has a romance with Everette. But he thinks Dru will be able to get focused and run the family organization. Cane should be fine with his position as long as people in the streets fear him. Diana should be in school so she can be in boardrooms. And he wants Monet to go back to being a housewife who doesn’t have to get her hands dirty. Monet doesn’t seem happy about Lorenzo’s plans for the family.

Tariq is in court and he’s been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He pleads not guilty. Tariq doesn’t get bail. He later tells Saxe and Maclean he’s being framed because he didn’t kill Ramirez. So they need to get in touch with Tate. When it comes to his sister Yasmine, she’s been put back in the foster care system.

Cane’s frustrations with Lorenzo and Dru continue.

Lorenzo, Cane, and Dru go to their bar. Dru talks about what it felt like to get shot there. Lorenzo says he understands because getting shot does a number on someone mentally. Cane gifts Lorenzo a bejeweled “Jesus Piece.” It was the one he wore before he was locked up. Cane had someone upgrade it as a welcome home gift. Lorenzo says a better gift would have been an introduction to Cane’s connect. So he tells Cane to call his connect and leave him and Dru alone to talk business. Cane walks away angrily and bumps Dru on his way out.

Dru tells Lorenzo that he doesn’t want to be the one in charge. But Lorenzo says he can handle this. Dru goes on to say he did some digging on Kino. And Kino is paying the BSK associates peanuts. So they can persuade these men to leave Kino and work for them instead. They should kill Kino. Lorenzo says this could start a war. But it’s a good idea so they must speak to Kino’s second in command to make sure he’s okay with this. Lorenzo warns Dru that he must now be careful how he moves. It’s not many people he can trust.

Diana crosses the line with Monet.

With the men away, Monet confronts Diana about not telling her Lorenzo was getting out and stealing her money from the bar. Monet tells Diana she killed Rico over that money. When Diana tells her that she didn’t tell Monet to do this, Monet snatches her up by her neck. She tells Diana she’s been moving real funny as of late. Diana questions why Monet is acting like she’s not happy Lorenzo is back home. After Monet releases her, she tells Diana to leave the house before she is killed.

Tariq is thinking things over in his prison cell, “How the f*ck I let this n*gga Cane do this sh*t to me?”

Kanan’s ghost tells Tariq he’s not thinking about this the right way. It’s not Cane he needs to go at. Someone else is in control and Cane is executing the plan this person gave him. Tariq thinks it’s Monet. But Kanan tells Tariq that sometimes it’s the people that a person loves who take them down.

Milgram stands firm in her feelings about Tariq.

Before class, Lauren confronts Milgram. She figures out that Milgram was going after Tariq the entire time and she wasn’t upfront about this when she convinced Lauren to wear a wire to get information about Brayden. Lauren doesn’t want to testify against Tariq. But Milgram tells her this may happen. Lauren just doesn’t think Tariq is guilty but Milgram says she’s sure of it.

Class begins. Tate asks the students if freedom is an illusion. Brushaundria isn’t having it. She thinks it’s inappropriate to ask this after Tariq was arrested. And she doesn’t think they should just act like everything is normal. Milgram says it’s sad what happened. But Tariq will go to prison for the rest of his life.

Milgram says Tariq won’t get bail. And Tate says that anything can happen for the right price. But Tariq wasn’t convicted as of yet. And Milgram places emphasis on the word, “yet.”

Lorenzo questions Cane’s decisions.

Monet goes to see Dante/Mecca. She tells him Lorenzo is back home so their plans may have to be put on hold for now. She will still introduce him to Zeke soon. As she’s leaving, Lorenzo calls her. He tells her Tariq was arrested and he’s being blamed for Ramirez’s death. This wasn’t smart because the police will eventually link everything back to Cane and Monet. So Lorenzo wonders why Cane and Monet would set Tariq up like this. Monet’s only response is, “F*ck!”

She later meets with Maclean. He tells her Ramirez’s badge was found in Tariq’s dorm room. For $500,000, Maclean will tell Monet when the police start looking into her family.

It’s time for Cane and Monet to work together.

Monet confronts Cane. He admits he had something to do with the badge being found in Tariq’s room. They will need more money from Course Correct, but Tariq is in prison. They don’t want Lorenzo to get his hands on Tariq’s business because he’ll either end it or have Dru run it. Monet wants her and Cane to maintain their independence. So they will keep Course Correct running with Brayden. Monet will need to meet with him first. And Cane believes he has full control over Brayden.

When Cane tells Mecca about Lorenzo wanting to meet him, Mecca says they never have to meet since Lorenzo wants to cut Cane out as the middleman and give all the power to Dru.

Tate visits Tariq in prison. They discuss Congressman Sweeney. There is a photo album full of inappropriate things Sweeney has done with his fraternity brothers. Tariq knows where this photo album is, so if Tate gets him out on bail, he’ll get these photos to Tate. Tate agrees to this as his focus is on taking Sweeney’s seat in Congress. But he warns Tariq that he will ruin his life if Tariq doesn’t deliver.

Monet doesn’t want things to go back to what they were.

Lorenzo has a family meeting. He tells everyone that they will no longer be working with Tariq or dealing drugs at Stansfield. Instead, Lorenzo wants them to focus on Queens. They will all have their own crews to lead with the exception of Diana. Then Monet will eventually be able to retire. After the children leave the table, Monet tells Lorenzo that she doesn’t like him treating her like she’s a child. They used to talk and strategize together while Lorenzo was in prison. Lorenzo says that he’s in control now because he’s free. And he’s the head of the family. So Monet should enjoy her retirement and be content with living a life where she’ll be able to shop and not be involved in the game. Before leaving the table, he gives her cash and tells her to go shopping for herself.

Tate handles his side of the deal. Since there was no forensic evidence linking Tariq to Ramirez’s murder, Judge Lucas determines that a 10 percent bail bond for a $1 million bail for Tariq is the right thing to do. He will have to wear an ankle monitor. After Saxe and Maclean meet with Tariq to give him warnings about the ankle monitor, Saxe gives Maclean an update on Tasha. She’s now in New Mexico. And she’s been requesting to speak to Tariq. Both lawyers think this isn’t a good idea right now. They worry Tasha may tell Tariq to run.

Brayden and Tariq confront each other. 

Tariq heads straight to his dorm room once he’s been released. He checks for a wire and then confronts Brayden. Brayden admits that he was robbing people with Cane. He did help Cane dig up a corpse but he had no idea it was Ramirez. And Cane did come to their room so he most likely planted the badge there.

Tariq goes off on Brayden. He says Brayden was supposed to call him when Cane came around. Doing so would have prevented all of this. And he can’t understand why Brayden even choose this life because his family is rich and connected. Brayden gets angry and reminds Tariq that Ghost was wealthy and well connected too. Yet Tariq still chose a life of crime. So he needs to understand Brayden made the same choice as well. And if Tariq was honest about everything, Brayden would have known how to move. At this point, Tariq says that he always tells Brayden what he needs to know. And he’s being pulled off Course Correct.

Brayden doesn’t impress Monet.

Monet and Cane meet with Brayden. Brayden says he helped build Course Correct. He loves what he does and he wants to be able to work with Monet. He lies and says he’s the one who planted the badge. However, Monet doesn’t think Brayden has what it takes. So she dismisses him. She later tells Cane to leave Brayden alone. And they will find another way to get the cash they need to pay Maclean the rest of the $500,000 he is owed.

Tariq and Lauren see each other on campus. He questions why she didn’t show up to court to support him. She says she was confused. And she’s not sure what to believe anymore. Tariq says Lauren is all he has left. She should know he’s innocent. But since she’s unsure and she is cautious about supporting him, he’s moving on from their relationship. He will return the key to her brother’s apartment because he won’t be staying there. He also says that Milgram is trying to pin everything on him because she was sleeping with Zeke and he was the first one accused of killing Ramirez.

Effie supports Tariq.

Lauren confronts Milgram in her office. She says it was wrong for Milgram not to be completely honest before talking her into wearing the wire. Milgram says Lauren made her choices because she didn’t want her parents to learn there were drugs in her dorm room. Lauren then tells Milgram she knows she was sleeping with Zeke. When Milgram says it’s no one’s business, Lauren says it’s about to be everyone’s business really soon. Milgram thinks they should speak again when Lauren is in control of her emotions. But Lauren assures her she’s in full control before leaving.

Effie visits Tariq in his dorm room. He tells her he didn’t kill Ramirez. It comes out he killed Reynolds because he had no choice. He’s upset with Brayden because he allowed himself to get played by Cane and Monet. Effie tells Tariq that he shouldn’t be too mad at Brayden because he wasn’t completely honest with him. And Monet will still need Tariq to run Course Correct. So he should be open to not cutting everybody off. They then make out.

Diana tells Lorenzo her concerns about Monet.

After spending some time with her family and seeing how happy everyone else is, Monet visits Dante again. She tells him they can’t see each other anymore and Zeke doesn’t need to meet him because he needs to focus on his basketball career. Mecca is furious but Monet is positive this is the right thing to do.

Lorenzo tells Diana that he and Monet decided to pay her tuition for St. John’s. Diana says Monet knows what she’s doing and she wanted to go to Stansfield. Diana doesn’t believe Monet is happy about Lorenzo being back home. And she tells him Monet had an exit plan that didn’t include him. He later gets more information from Dru. Dru says Monet came up with a plan for them to get out of the drug game and work for Zeke after he was shot. But now it’s imperative for Monet and Lorenzo to get on the same page. Lorenzo agrees. And he tells Dru that are ready to make a move on Kino. Dru will tail him later that night.

Brayden and Tariq hash it out.

Tariq decides to come completely clean with Brayden after Brayden tells him about his meeting with Cane and Monet. Tariq tells him that Cane sent someone from GTG to kill him on campus. 2 Bit intercepted and killed the man. This is why the body was discovered on campus. One night Tariq was talking to Reynolds because Reynolds learned about Course Correct and wanted to write a book on Tariq’s life. Cane followed Tariq and then shot Reynolds after he asked if Dru killed the GTG member. Cane then put the gun on Tariq so Tariq finished Reynolds off. The gun Cane used to kill Reynolds is the same one he used to kill Ramirez. So Cane is responsible for everything that went down.

Moving forward, Brayden will get closer to Cane so they won’t be caught off guard again. And Brayden will get his hands on his father’s photo album to help Tariq’s case. To keep things going with Course Correct, Effie will become Monet’s point of contact. Brayden will be in charge of the tutors. But they will shut down the business until things cool off regarding the murders. At this point, Brayden and Effie are the only people Tariq can trust.

Monet and Tariq make a deal.

Lorenzo thinks he’s meeting Mecca and gets upset when it’s only Cane. Cane tells him that he is the connect as far as Lorenzo is concerned. And he made the wrong move making Dru the next one up because he’s not built for that. Lorenzo tells Cane that he doesn’t think things through. This is why it must be Dru in charge. So Cane needs to decide if he wants to be Lorenzo’s boss or son.

Effie has her first meeting with Monet. She hands over a phone so Tariq can talk to Monet. Monet says that Cane did everything on his own and she had no idea what he’s up to. But he’s still her son and it will be a war if Tariq hurts him. Tariq doesn’t want to come for Cane but he wants Monet to keep him in check moving forward. Monet’s new contact will be Effie since Tariq has an ankle monitor on. Monet agrees to this.

Tariq isn’t going to let Ghost’s words haunt him.

Before speaking to District Attorney Sullivan, Saxe overhears Lauren telling her that Milgram set her up and she never agreed to testify against Tariq. Sullivan tells Lauren that she has no choice. And she should read things before she signs them.

Brayden locates his father’s photo album from college. Mecca sends a text to Cane saying he changed his mind. He wants to meet Lorenzo. As he sends this text, he continues to watch Zeke play basketball from a distance. Tariq shows Effie the letter Ghost left him. He says he knows he has to kill Cane but it’s not the route he wants to take. Effie tells Tariq that it’s possible Ghost never really knew him because Tariq’s story isn’t over. They kiss and he burns the letter after she leaves.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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