Simon Guobadia Seemingly Shades Dennis McKinley + Falynn Guobadia & Boo Clap Back

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Simon Guobadia seemingly pens a message about Dennis McKinley.

Simon Guobadia said that he wasn’t too worried about the drama that has going on between Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley. In fact, he said that he understands families will fight. And it will take time for Dennis and Porsha to get to the place where they have a much better co-parenting relationship. Interestingly enough, Simon’s split with Falynn Guobadia was nasty as well. He accused Falynn of cheating with her assistant Jaylan Banks. Falynn said that she thinks Simon and Porsha started messing around while they were filming “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So words have been exchanged on social media. Plus, Jaylan has made his own accusations as well.

Hours ago, Simon took to social media to share his thoughts after a dramatic episode of “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

He wrote, “Black men, respect is earned…not given. We earn that respect by the way we treat our children’s mothers, by NOT disrespecting them privately or publicly; otherwise, we perpetuate the cycle of abuse. ?? ”

More drama ensues.

In response to this, Jaylan wrote, “Now come on, let’s be real you know you caused ‘mental pain’ to Falynn (YOUR EX-WIFE) publicly and privately, something I never commented on outta respect for Falynn. You have no room to speak. She is still healing from trauma til THIS DAY. You should think about that before addressing a message towards black men.”

Simon threw a jab at Jaylan, “The disrespect continues after cheating with the help for a whole year before filing for divorce, having a baby by the jobless help, and living off and having a child whose very welfare today depends on my money. The disrespect and ingratitude never end. Both of you have learned absolutely nothing. ? ”

Falynn and Jaylan responded by posting past text messages from Simon that they believe hurt his credibility. Check them out below.

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