Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris’ Foster Daughter Gives a Sad Update

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Yandy Smith has always been open about the ups and downs in her life.

Love And Hip Hop New York” star Yandy Smith has been very open about her life on the show. While one of her most challenging moments was keeping it together while Mendeecees Harris was locked up, she’s had other tough moments in front of the cameras. In fact, fans of the show saw how challenging it was for Yandy to foster a young lady named Infinity Gilyard. Yandy wanted Infinity to join her family so she could ensure she’d have a bright future. It didn’t take long for Infinity to bond with Yandy’s other children. However, Mendeecees struggled to get adjusted once he was released from prison. For Mendeecees, he didn’t like that Yandy made the decision to foster while he was away. So at times, there was tension between Mendeecees and Infinity.

Yandy would later reveal that she clashed with Infinity over a past relationship. She said Infinity was in a romantic relationship with an older man. Yandy didn’t agree with this. So she pointed out that the relationship was problematic. Infinity was told to stop seeing the man. If she didn’t, she would have to move out of Yandy’s home. Yandy accused the man of threatening to call Child Protective Services on her. And she was told her children would be taken away from her. At the time, Yandy was asking Infinity to watch over the children while she was away working.

Becoming a foster mom wasn’t easy for Yandy Smith.

Infinity eventually moved out and it strained her relationship with Yandy. They were able to talk things out on the show. But Mendeecees said he was having a hard time trusting Infinity because she would vent her frustrations with him and the family on social media.

Regardless, lately, it seemed as if Infinity has been on good terms with the family. She’s doing well in college. They have been making funny videos and posting them on social media for the last several weeks. However, Infinity has some LHHNY fans talking because of a recent video she made. She confirmed she’s struggling with her mental health. And she doesn’t believe anyone in her life truly cares about her.

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