Simon Guobadia Responds After Someone Calls Porsha Williams a Hood Rat

Photo Credit: Bravo

Porsha Williams’ engagement to Simon Guobadia isn’t the only controversy she’s dealing with.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has been receiving backlash for “Porsha’s Family Matters.” People have a lot to say about her altercation with Dennis McKinley. And when it comes to the situation, many feel like Porsha is at fault. They believe she crossed the line with Dennis and Mama Gina. Of course, Porsha had great intentions. She pushed for a family retreat in Mexico. Porsha wanted Dennis and Gina in attendance. She figured it would help get their co-parenting relationship back on track. According to Porsha, things went astray after she got engaged to Simon Guobadia. Unfortunately, things only worsened.

During the dinner, words were exchanged. Porsha said she was triggered. She didn’t like that Dennis’ cheating was brought back up. And all Porsha could do is relive being hurt while she was pregnant. However, Gina didn’t think it made any sense to bring up the past. In Gina’s opinion, the past is irrelevant now that Porsha is with Simon.

Interestingly enough, some viewers are on the same page as Gina. They aren’t sure that Porsha is truly over her relationship with Dennis. They believe this explains why Porsha was irate about Dennis bringing another woman to Mexico.

So they have been expressing their opinions to Simon. Some have asked him how he’s with Porsha given her past of being violent on television. Well, Simon is still riding with Porsha. And he responded when someone called Porsha a hood rat.

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