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Simon Guobadia Responds After Someone Calls Porsha Williams a Hood Rat

Photo Credit: Bravo

The backlash continues.

Porsha Williams thought her spinoff show would be a positive way to show fans more of her personal life. However, “Porsha’s Family Matters” has been very polarizing. Although many thought the show would be centered on Porsha’s new life with Simon Guobadia, their engagement isn’t the main focus. Instead, Porsha’s contentious co-parenting relationship with Dennis McKinley has taken center stage.

While some viewers understand Porsha’s frustrations, others feel Porsha had no right to get violent with Dennis. And they took issue with Porsha’s actions towards Mama Gina. Porsha didn’t get violent with Gina, however, Dennis claimed Porsha lunged at Gina. He claims this is what led to him trying to get in between Porsha and Gina. Porsha swung on him. She later tossed dishes and production equipment in his direction before security was able to calm the chaos.

To many who saw the moment on television and in clips, it looked as if Dennis was assaulted by multiple people. However, Porsha seemed to insinuate that it was Dennis who got violent first. And she and her family just reacted.

Simon Guobadia isn’t being swayed by criticism of Porsha Williams.

Well, the backlash has been nonstop on social media. Not only is Porsha getting called out, but Simon has been receiving backlash as he continues to support Porsha.

An Instagram user didn’t hold back either. They wrote, “Do you like YOUR children seeing this side of her and your family as well? If she did it to her child’s father and family, she’s going to do it to you. Porsha is straight up hood. And you gave up a woman and her children for a hood rat. God don’t like ugly. Before you elevate the conversation in the community, start in your own house first. She still loves Dennis and whoever he’s with, she’s just trying to make him jealous with you. Everyone sees ? it except you. Open up your eyes.”

In response to this, Simon wrote, “Interesting perspective, unfortunately, derived from a 2-minute clip on a Bravo show taped 6 months ago, about the lives of people who have coexisted for the last 9 months. If it’s okay with you, Imma stick with what I know for the last 9 months vs your 2-minute impression about our lives. ??”

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