GUHH Star Sam Wright Breaks Down His Recent Arrest

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Sam Wright opens up about what happened that led to his recent arrest.

Lil Twist was able to avoid jail time after being hit with a gun charge recently. However, Sam Wright‘s fate hasn’t been revealed as of yet. On the upcoming episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Sam opens up about his recent arrest while talking to Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright. And he said he was the victim and he never used his gun.

“They came up they knew who I was, ‘F*ck you, you light skin a*s gay n*gga!'” He continued, “They were security guards. Security, like New York, New York, security with guns. And they ended up tryna jump…they tried to jump one of my mans…it was six on one, they started swinging and like on top of my mans. I was like okay, I turned and look, and they were running at me. And I was like we all got guns…so…”

Sam says he never actually used his weapon on anyone, “I never let off one shot, I never even pointed my weapon.”

Eric wants Sam to understand he should have avoided the situation the best he could. “The security…it’s a thin line with what they are going to allow us, civilians, to do to security.”

Sam added, “They came and then they took me down, they whooped my a*s for a cool minute and I was off to jail.”

He tells Eric that he’s been hit with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon. And Eric tells Sam that there are going to be times when he needs to step back and think before he acts. This was one of them.

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