Amina Buddafly Puts Peter Gunz on Blast + Bobby Lytes Goes off on Zell Swag

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Amina Buddafly frustrates Peter Gunz and Zell Swag clashes with Bobby Lytes.

Peter Gunz has had a good co-parenting relationship with Amina Buddafly over the years. However, they did have tension after Rich Dollaz put Cisco Rosado on blast. Rich said Amina spent the night at Cisco’s place during the Super Bowl weekend. When Peter asked Cisco if he and Amina hooked up, Cisco denied this. However, Amina wouldn’t answer the question. This of course caused some problems between Cisco and Peter. On the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion,” Amina discusses the drama in her green screen interview. And she said that although she and Cisco didn’t sleep together, they did “make out.”

Well, Amina will cause more drama on the upcoming episode. On a preview for the upcoming episode, Jonathan Fernandez throws an event to bring awareness to gay conversion therapy. Jonathan himself is a victim of the harmful practice. And he wants to be one of the people who put an end to it.

“Gay conversion is still legal in many states, so I want to put an end to it.” Peter offers his support, “I’ll pull up. I love you, man.”

Amina then puts Peter on blast, “Peter, you won’t let your son be a ladybug for Halloween. And that is f*cked up.” In response to this, Peter tells Amina, “Don’t do that, don’t have a moment on me like that!”

Peter later tells Rich Dollaz what Amina did was harmful, “Something like this could ruin my life.”

Bobby Lytes think the whole thing is absurd. “If a kid wants to be a ladybug, a butterfly, let em be sh*t! You think they know as a small kid, ‘Oh a ladybug is feminine!’

Zell Swag has seemingly sided with Peter. He defends his actions and tries to explain why to Bobby. But this only causes tension between them. And Bobby snaps on Zell, “Stop acting like you’re not gay! You’re gay!”

Interestingly enough, Zell already struck out with Jonathan and Bobby when he said they are “too gay” on a previous episode.

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