Zell Swag Slams K. Michelle + Erica Mena & Shekinah Anderson Check Him

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Erica Mena and Shekinah Anderson called out Zell Swag.

Zell Swag has been able to hash things out with people on “VH1: Family Reunion.” However, he may not ever be in a good place with K. Michelle. In fact, K. Michelle rubbed Zell the wrong way when she fell out with Paris Phillips. Zell has been open about his dislike of K. Michelle on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” This came up again on Instagram Live when Zell was talking to Erica Mena, Bobby Lytes, and Shekinah Anderson.

Apparently, one of the fans watching brought up K. Michelle in a comment. And they expressed K. Michelle would have been great to see on the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.”

In response to this, Zell said, “K. Michelle just went live. She should have on…no we don’t need nobody with a stanking p*ssy to come on there and stink up the whole f*cking live. We was good, we was good how we are. Number one on Mondays!”

Shekinah tried to get Zell to stop. “Zell, Zell, calm down!”

Erica responded by addressing the fact that Zell said he wants to get married to a woman and have children.

“It’s 2022. We are not regulating anyone’s poom poom this year. Especially if you’re tryna use one to have your own kid. You better start respecting.” Shekinah added, “Zell, you have to respect the girls, Zell if you want to f*ck them and have a baby.”

Zell then began to back off and said he wanted to maintain his new and more positive approach to life.

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