Power Book 2: Courtney Kemp Confirms Multiple Deaths in Season 2 Finale + One Will Hurt

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What will Cane Tejada do on the season 2 finale?

While there are a lot of questions about what happened to Lauren Baldwin, Courtney Kemp told “Power Book II: Ghost” fans that there are even more pressing situations to come up on the season 2 finale. She made some interesting revelations while discussing the show on Instagram Live and answering fans’ questions.

One Instagram user asked Courtney if Cane Tejada is going to kill some of his own family members. She answered, “Will Cane try to kill some of his family members? He may have to. A couple of his family members are tripping. They’re tripping, to be honest with you.”

Courtney said that Cane will have to make a tough decision. “I will tell you one thing. You will see a face from the past…you will see a face from ‘Power: Book I.’ I will tell you guys that there is at least one very happy thing that happens. And I will say that Cane has to make a very, very difficult decision in episode 10. It’s one that could change basically the course of the game.”

She continued, “There are a few deaths, it’s always a couple of deaths in every finale. But there is one that I think will really affect you guys.”

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