Power Book 2: Courtney Kemp Confirms Multiple Deaths in Season 2 Finale + One Will Hurt

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Tariq St. Patrick is in a difficult place thanks to Cane Tejada’s abruptness.

Power Book II: Ghost” is having a rollercoaster of a second season. Tariq St. Patrick is back in a difficult place. He’s once again trying to avoid prison. He’s been accused of killing one of his professors as well as a police officer. Interestingly enough, Cane Tejada is really the person the most responsible. However, Tariq has to protect Cane to keep him and his loved ones safe. Since season one, Tariq has been working closely with the Tejada family to run his drug operation at Stansfield. Cane’s actions have put heat on everyone involved. So Tariq is tasked to come out on top in court with the help of lawyers Cooper Saxe and Davis Maclean. This hasn’t been easy for Saxe since he knows Tariq killed his father, James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

Up until this point, Tariq has lost both of his parents, as well as younger sister Yasmine St. Patrick to the foster care system. He sent Tasha away via witness protection, so he’s having to come up with his own methods to avoid being charged for two murders.

Unfortunately for Tariq, his girlfriend Lauren Baldwin got caught up in the whole situation. Before her death, Professor Carrie Milgram tricked Lauren into wearing a wire. And a conversation she had with Brayden Weston and Cane was picked up.

At the end of the recent episode, it wasn’t clear if Effie Morales took matters into her own hands by killing Lauren herself since Brayden wouldn’t. While fans are still trying to figure out Lauren’s true fate, Courtney Kemp opened up about what is ahead for the season finale. Cane will have an important role to play. Plus, she confirmed there will be a few deaths. However, one will affect viewers a lot.

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