‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Donna Departs the Show + Ceaser Wants to Sue Crystal

black ink crew new york season 9 episode 11
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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Ceaser reveals some changes have been made within the crew. Donna and Walter are both out. Walter lost his position after he admitted to taking money from the shop’s cash register. As for Donna, Ceaser feels she’s become too toxic to be around. He firmly believes Donna put her hands on Alex. However, Donna and Alex deny this. Regardless, Donna’s social media comments about the Asians who were murdered at a massage parlor were the last straw for everyone. And Young Bae is hurt by what Donna said. 

Despite Bae’s hurt, she still agrees to meet with Donna. She ends up apologizing to Bae. However, her time on the show is officially over. And Donna becomes emotional as she discusses her time on the show. 

Spyder is dealing with a health scare which leads to a major blowup between him, Rok, and Krystal. 

Tatti is dealing with some serious legal issues. And she was dragged into a drug trafficking case. 

Plus, Ceaser’s issues with Crystal and his daughter Cheyenne have only worsened. After Crystal makes more accusations on social media, Ceaser decides to hit her with a lawsuit. However, Teddy and others worry that doing this will only push Cheyenne further away. 

Here’s a recap for, “Vax the Block.” 

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