Momma Dee Responds When She’s Accused of Being Messy Amid Shay Johnson’s Pregnancy

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Momma Dee has been accused of meddling in Lil Scrappy’s love life.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Shay Johnson has an interesting past with Lil Scrappy. When she first appeared on the show, it was revealed that she had a budding romance with the rapper. Although she had strong romantic feelings for him, Scrappy didn’t completely end things with his daughter’s mother Erica Dixon. Scrappy was messing around with both women. So it was only a matter of time before things got really messy for everyone involved. Shay went on to say she felt really used by Scrappy because she was supporting him in more ways than one. In fact, Shay claimed that she helped Scrappy pay some of his bills. So she didn’t understand why he didn’t have the same type of loyalty.

As things escalated between Shay, Scrappy, and Erica; Momma Dee had a clear preference. She got along well with Shay and at times, she said that she would have preferred Scrappy being with Shay over Erica. Momma Dee and Erica have clashed for years. Things were so bad that Momma Dee even had some explosive moments with Erica’s mother Mignon Dixon.

Momma Dee has been criticized for her close relationship with Shay Johnson.

Regardless of Momma Dee’s feelings about Erica, Scrappy proposed to her anyway at the reunion. To no surprise, Shay was devastated. She rushed off the stage and broke down in tears. Years later, Shay said the moment was even messier than people realize. She accused Scrappy of sleeping with her just days before he popped the question to Erica.

Erica accepted Scrappy’s proposal but their engagement didn’t last long. And Erica accused Scrappy of being unfaithful, plus she grew tired of clashing with Momma Dee. Interestingly enough, Momma Dee and Erica were able to make peace after Erica and Scrappy parted ways. These days they get along great. However, Momma Dee has been struggling to get along with Scrappy’s wife Bambi.

So when Momma Dee recently hopped on social media to show her excitement about Shay’s pregnancy, some LHHATL fans wasted no time accusing her of being messy. And Momma Dee had something to say in response to anyone who feels as if she crossed the line with her post.

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