‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Comes for Puma’s Wife + Puma Responds

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Donna’s time on “Black Ink Crew” could be coming to an end.

Black Ink Crew” star Donna is no stranger to controversial moments. However, she may have had her most controversial one yet on the current season. Donna and Alex were having a lot of tension at the height of the pandemic. So when the crew decided to leave New York to work at the Atlanta shop, they noticed how tense the couple’s conversations could be. However, the true turning point was when people noticed Alex had a scratch on his face after getting into an argument with Donna. When he was asked who was responsible for the mark, he said Donna was to blame.

Alex’s accusations caused producers to worry about his safety. Meanwhile, Ceaser said that he strongly believed Donna was abusive towards Alex. After the episode aired, Alex and Donna responded to the criticism on social media. And Alex said that he lied on Donna. She never touched him. As for Donna, she was disgusted by the way she was portrayed on the show. She was even open to the show getting canceled because she believes it’s gotten way too negative.

Donna has been getting called out by her “Black Ink Crew” costars.

Interestingly enough, “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Miss Kitty said that Donna had been fired from the show. On the recent episode, Donna was told that she’s not allowed at any of Ceaser’s Black Ink shops. Young Bae even confronted Donna for some comments she made on social media that were considered racially insensitive. Plus, Puma said that the whole situation was proof that double standards exist. And if it was Alex who was suspected of getting violent with Donna, the situation would have been taken more seriously.

Well, Donna recently clapped back on social media. After she accused the others on the show of just using her to deflect from their own issues, she got into a nasty war of words with Puma and his wife Quani. And threats were made.

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