Miss Kitty Reacts to Donna’s Possible Departure from ‘Black Ink Crew’ + Talks Status with Sky

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Miss Kitty fell out with Donna before the domestic violence accusations became a hot topic.

Black Ink Crew” star Donna has been a controversial topic on the current season of the show. She’s back on the outs with Ceaser. Although they have clashed plenty over the years, Ceaser says he’s really done with her this time. For Ceaser, he truly believes the relationship Donna and Alex have is toxic. In fact, he has accused Donna of being abusive towards Alex. Interestingly enough, all Alex has done is fuel speculation. After he and Donna had a nasty argument, he told producers that Donna was responsible for the scratch on his face. After Puma and Ceaser called Donna out about this, Alex then backtracked. He said he only lied on Donna because he was upset with her. And what actually happened is he was shaving while they were arguing. When things got really heated, he accidentally cut himself.

Even though Alex has repeatedly denied that Donna put her hands on him, other people aren’t buying this. So Ceaser has told Donna that she isn’t allowed at any of the Black Ink properties.

Is Donna’s time on television coming to an end?

On top of the abuse accusations, Donna was also called out for the comments she made after Asians were killed at an Atlanta massage parlor. Donna hopped on Instagram and said that the victims must have “s*cked off” the killer “too good.” She immediately received backlash from fans of the show, and Young Bae told her what she said was racially insensitive and hurtful.

Donna apologized to Bae for her comments. However, the bridge with the rest of the crew has already been burned. Miss Kitty was the first person to say Donna had been fired from the show. And recently, she gave her thoughts about Donna’s time on the platform seemingly coming to an end. Plus, she addressed Ceaser’s girlfriend Suzette, as well as the abuse accusations made against Donna.

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