Porsha Williams Accused of Being Messy While Promoting Kandi Burruss’ New Spinoff

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore have clashed on RHOA for years.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore clashed with Porsha Williams during their first season on the show. For Kenya, Porsha crossed the line when she referred to Kenya as Miss America. Turns out, Kenya won the Miss USA title in 1993. So she thought Porsha was intentionally being shady. However, Porsha said this wasn’t the case. And she just honestly got the two pageants mixed up. But she wasn’t trying to come for Kenya’s accomplishments.

Both women continued to have tension over the years. Eventually, things turned violent between them at the reunion. Kenya was heated that Porsha put her hands on her because of the war of words they were having. She went on to get the law involved. However, Porsha was not fired from the show due to her actions. As their longtime feud continued, some fans of the show chose their side. So the stan wars on social media became a constant in the RHOA fan base.

Interestingly enough, Kandi Burruss’ mother Mama Joyce recently caused a stir on social media. And she’s only added to the war between Kenya and Porsha’s fans thanks to some comments she made during an old interview. Porsha had people talking because she recently reposted the clip on Instagram Story.

In the interview, Joyce brought up Kenya and Porsha’s looks. And when she took a jab at Kenya, Kandi felt the need to step in to defend her friend. However, Mama Joyce didn’t back down from her opinions.

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  1. Aht at Porsha….don’t do that…..you got enough going on…just repost the trailer and keep it moving…

  2. This was so unnecessary. I really haven’t been feeling Porsha’s actions as of late. She acts like a mean girl now.

  3. Meanwhile, Kenya has been wishing Porsha well since she left RHOA. And her hair products are now sold at CVS. Kenya doesn’t beef with these women for free. I love that about her. I’m sure she’ll handle Porsha with ease when she comes back to RHOA.

    1. Kenya treats RHOA like a job because that’s what it is. Porsha needs to let it go. Kenya could have been shading and dragging Porsha about her disaster of a spin-off but Kenya was too busy working to give Porsha that kind of attention.

    1. Fun shade? Porsha acts like she’s obsessed with Kenya. Why is she thinking about Kenya when she quit RHOA and she’s supposed to be promoting Kandi’s show? It’s honestly strange and pathetic.

      1. Thank you! People try to ignore the obvious because they hate Kenya but Porsha is really obsessed. She turned on Falynn because Falynn befriended Kenya. Drew came for Kenya to keep Porsha happy. The obsession is real!

  4. Porsha is 40 years old now. It’s time for her to age out of her materialism and vanity. It’s obnoxious now.

  5. Weird as f-ck that Porsha thought about Kenya while promoting the OLG show. If she really wants to be shady like she’s still a housewife, she may as well go get her peach back. Don’t quit and pretend you’re leaving because you evolved if we see you’re still up to the same messy bulls-t on your spinoff and IG.

  6. When was this interview? So let me get this straight, Joyce is shading Kandi’s one true friend on RHOA to put one of the people who accused her daughter of rape on a pedestal. Wow. Do better Miss Joyce. It’s so interesting to me how Porsha can do downright evil things and people like Miss Joyce here ignore that and come for Kenya.

  7. I’m honestly so glad Kenya has been sitting back and minding her business while Porsha continues to expose herself. With that being said, they are both very beautiful women. I’m glad Mama Joyce isn’t as messy as she used to be.

  8. It’s sad that Porsha is not only obsessed with Kenya and a bandwagon friend, she is a homewrecker and let’s not get started on Drew Sasnora…..fake Christians both of them and even faker women. Plus Drew dry humped Bolo and Porsha screwed him….we all know….she is the self proclaimed queen of thotlandia

  9. Porsha needs to mind Porsha business because as soon as someone comes for her she either turns into the Tasmanian devil ? or plays the victim ? I don’t get Porsha and Kenya was so right about her. Kordell seen through her and Diane. Simon will get what he deserves ? if you lay down with stray cats ? you still get fleas regardless how pretty they are. Dennis run bro run..

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