Marsau Scott Says LAMH Fans Won’t Like Him on the Upcoming Season

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Marsau Scott has been the target of rumors.

“Love & Marriage: Hunstville” star Marsau Scott hasn’t had as much controversy on the show as Martell Holt. However, he’s been dragged into situations thanks to accusations made by Martell. In fact, Martell accused Marsau of cheating on LaTisha Scott after his own affair was revealed. He claimed Marsau cheated with 20 other women. However, Marsau denied this. And eventually, Martell later said he made it all up because he was upset with Marsau. Martell didn’t like the fact that Marsau joked about his affair on the show. So he wanted to get even. Martell would later accuse Marsau of cheating again, and this time he also accused Maurice Scott and Louis Whitlow of being unfaithful.

Martell’s decision to hurl accusations Marsau’s way only opened up the door to more accusations being made by other people. In fact, Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry has accused Marsau and Maurice of cheating. They have denied this. But Arionne said she allegedly saw them with other women while being around Martell.

Marsau was also accused of cheating once again on social media recently. A woman alleged that her friend was sleeping with Marsau. She then sent a photo of a man sleeping in a hotel bed to blogger the Original Straight No Chaser. However, the man’s face was not shown. Marsau also denied that it was him in the photo.

As Marsau continues to deny stepping out on LaTisha, he recently told LAMH fans that he will still have some controversy on the upcoming season. And fans may not like him during season 4.

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  1. I honestly don’t dislike Marsau. He’s actually funny at times. Anyway, I just don’t want to keep hearing about Martell and Arionne.

  2. I hope the vibe is different this season.
    Last season ran amuck with Marty & Mel.
    It actually resorted to very child-like antics.
    Marsau is business oriented along with Maurice. All of them were that way until Marty shook things up. It’s been shaken not stirred ever since.
    Honestly I care not to see Melody of Marty again on this show unless the focus is more toward their businesses.

  3. I like I like this show,,,all the people are good on here, Leave it the way it is, Why change something everyone likes except for a few,

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